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BLEAK is the greatest death.blues band this side of the Delta. Imagine a noise that can melt through bank vaults. Throw in a wall shattering live show, road-tested all over the world, from Brooklyn to Beirut. Add twisted humour and a dash of voodoo.

What do you get?

Heavy, brutal, primal, direct, and yet sublimely beautiful, this band drags you by your throat from the plantations of the 1860s Deep South via the jails and chain gangs of the Great Depression and throws you face down among burning rubble and charred corpses of the Rhythm Night Club, Natchez Mississippi.

These guys tried to sell their souls to the devil at the crossroads. He couldn’t afford them, so you get first refusal instead.


Tim "Mojoman" Clark - the highs; Sister Rachel Woodworth - the lows; Yvonne "The Baroness" Okoduwa - the blows; Howlin' Anton Bleak - the blues


Howlin' Wolf, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, Blind Willie Johnson, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, Johnny Cash, Blind Willie McTell, Alberta Hunter, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Son House, Nick Cave, The Stooges, Leadbelly, The Pixies, BRMC, Marilyn Manson, vodka, prisons, heaven, hell, love

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