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Electronic/Guitar, punk influenced Industrial, taking old school industrial, and snotty punk influences and combining them with a bucket full of zombies and a surgical obsession.

The musical alter-ego of ex-Nekromantik (seminal UK electrogoth band) singer Martin, Katscan released a 7 track demo; ‘Latest Development In The Field Of Beat Surgery’ in 2000 to glowing reviews, securing an album deal with Nightbreed Recordings that saw the release of Katscan’s debut full-length CD album ‘Feral BIOS’ in 2001.
In the meantime the line-up expanded to 3 members for live duties. Martin Katscan (vocals), Maxi D-Fect (ex-Sneaky Bat Machine) and The Don Patritzio on live synths and samples.
Katscan soon gained the reputation of a powerful and confrontational live act, performing at all of the UK’S Industrial/EBM/Goth festivals and a mass of other events and headline gigs 2000 through 2004.
The band also received the seal of approval from legendary UK comic book producers 2000AD and gain full permission to use the comic’s images on their merchandise.

After a hiatus punctuated by one-off gigs, remixing and producing other bands and video game sound-tracking (a Doom 3 PC add-on entitled confusingly enough 'Quake 2 Lost Marine’) Martin Katscan returned in 2006 with a new line-up including Ed Oxime (Oxime 187) on synths and samples and Phil Able (international hard trance DJ ) on electro percussion and a new CD Album ‘Weapons Of Crass Dysfunction’ on Martin’s own Beat Surgery Records label.

Later in 2006 Katscan post on myspace inviting any band or artist interested, the opportunity to remix a song of their choice from ‘Weapons’ for inclusion on a remixed version of the album.
The resulting album ‘Trashed Dysfunctions’ becomes the first download only album by the band and sees it’s release on Katscan’s own ‘Scan Tunes’ mp3 store.

2007 sees Katscan signed up to Line Out Records for the release of their 4th as yet untitled album scheduled for 3rd-4th quarter of the year.
Writing and recording is well under way and for the first time sees Martin collaborating with fellow band members in the writing process as well as bolting on chunky down tuned guitars to the established Katscan ‘electropunk’ sound as things move in a slightly darker, dirtier direction.

KATSCAN – Welcome to big school!

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  • Latest Developments In The Field Of Beat Surgery (2000)
  • Feral BIOS (2001)
  • Weapons Of Crass Dysfunction (2006)
  • Trashed Dysfunctions (2006)


  • Armalyte Industries Presents DEFCON 1 INDUSTRIAL DAWN – ‘(Screaming Like A) Crack Baby’ (2001)
  • Electric Ballroom Presents: Full Tilt Volume 3 – ‘Flowest Cunning Demonator’ (2001)
  • Nachtfarben – ‘Fear Of Consequence’ (2001)
  • Gothic Part XIV – ‘Bone Saw’ (2002)
  • Gothic Fucking Sounds Of Nightbreed – ‘Flowest Cunning Demonator’ (2002)
  • Working With Children And Animals Vol.2 – ‘Stutter Cut’ / ‘008 Biology’ (2002)
  • Dark Salvation – ‘You Love It You Shlaaggs’ (2004)
  • Dead And Buried – ‘We Are 138’ (Misfits cover) (2005)

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