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History Of Guns - Issue 1 - Udders

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History Of Guns - Issue 1 - Udders

This is the first in the infamous History Of Guns regular limited edition EP series, the intention was to release a CD every two months for a year. Now available in assorted places on the internet including here as a free download. The saga continues.

In their own words:

These limited edition cds made up of: works in progress, demo versions, remixes (of Guns and by Guns), instrumentals, b-sides, abandoned tracks from the archives, experiments and so on... Among the questions we hope to answer are, is creativity a muscle and by the end of the series we'll be writing solid gold, or is creativity a finite quantity and by the end we'll have completely run out of ideas and be releasing live albums, and 'experimental' stuff of us shouting obscenities drunkenly into the microphone...

Track List

  1. Fall Down
  2. Vernon Kaye Must Die
  3. An Avalanche Of Doors
  4. Killing Method by Xykogen (History Of Guns remix)
  5. Meet Me Here
  6. All In The Mind by Psychophile (History Of Guns remix)
  7. 1 in 3 [proto]
  8. Formeads

Images and more information are included in the zip file.

Download History of Guns - Udders as a Zip file.

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