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History Of Guns - Issue 2 - Electricity is the Answer

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History Of Guns - Issue 22 - Electricity Is The Answer

The second of the History Of Guns regular limited edition EP series.

7 brand new tracks, and a new version of Kicking Down The Doors...

From the keyboard of Max Rael (from his Honeymoon in Kho Phangan):

There'd been lightening going off randomly for a while, but after we crossed back to the beach, for the second time in my life i was privileged to witness a fantastic electical storm over the sea. In the near dark there were these three ominous row boats floating silently in the water occasionally lit up spectacularly.

Sometimes the lightning drew shapes and symbols in the sky

Says Mick Mercer:

Lighter than its ‘Udders’ predecessor I’m still not sure what they’re up to, but it’s fun listening. When you can find them.

Track List

  1. Electricity
  2. The Birds Don't Sing
  3. The Concrete Steps
  4. Keep The Good Stuff Running
  5. Evolving Doors
  6. i am a car crash
  7. Bernard
  8. Is This The End?

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