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History Of Guns - Issue 3 - Poker Face

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History Of Guns - Issue 3 - Poker Face

July 2006 History Of Guns released limited edition EP number 3. This was the electronica issue.

The band say:

Issue Three is made up of 9 brand new electronica tracks from History Of Guns.
Visually uninspiring the outer sleeve is a dull crushing grey. Inside contains a description of Max Rael's commute into work one day.
The title comes from the ITV quiz show hosted by ubiquitous uk television double act Ant and Dec first broadcast in the UK on Monday 10th July 2006.

Track List

  1. If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us (mix 1)
  2. Scenes Of Devastating Beauty Views From Inside A Packed Commuter Train Into Hell
  3. Strip Search
  4. Tube (Fluoxetine)
  5. The One Fixed Point In The Universe (demo version)
  6. You Make Me Want To Kill Myself
  7. Ben Affleck Attacked By Spider
  9. Point Of Entry

Images and more information are included in the zip file.

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