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History Of Guns - Issue 4 - Whitby 2006 Promo

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History Of Guns - Issue 4 - Whitby 2006 Promo

History Of Guns limited edition EP number 4. Given out at Whitby Goth Festival - October 2006.

Bob says:

This was where I met the guns, they were terrifying and appalling. They beat me and made me take a CD with a photo of Whitby Abbey wrapped round it. I tried to run but Del had me on the floor while Max just kept kicking me. They made me sign them to the label. If anyone gets this message, please rescue me from this filth.

Track List

Guitar Music

  1. Death Of A Nation
  2. Little Miss Suicide (short suicide)
  3. Whitby Intro Tape
  4. Secret Garden (live at Whitby April'06)
  5. The Mirror Pond (live at Whitby April'06)

Electronic Music

  1. Fall Down
  2. If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us
  3. The Birds Don't Sing (demo)
  4. T.V. Spotlight
  5. Flashes Of Light (part one)

Images and more information are included in the zip file.

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