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Sinthetic 2 Live

Here's where it all started, the first Line Out album, 23 tracks of electronica recorded in a smokey room above a pub. Featuring Drip Fed, Ocular Sinister, Reincarnationfish and The Kurtz Experiment.

Now with bonus Pdf booklet including shedloads of photos and the early history of Line Out. For more info on the original release click here.

Track List

  1. Drip Fed - Goodbye Elegance
  2. Drip Fed - Confuselation
  3. Drip Fed - Reclaimance
  4. Ocular Sinister - Voices
  5. Ocular Sinister - Life
  6. Ocular Sinister - Untitled
  7. Ocular Sinister - The Vampire Dance
  8. Ocular Sinister - Modern Technology Sucks
  9. Ocular Sinister - Hate
  10. Reincarnationfish - I Twisted My Ankle
  11. Reincarnationfish - Things That Happen At Night
  12. Reincarnationfish - Pop Music Is Not a Toy
  13. Reincarnationfish - The Night We Spent Together On The Ocean Floor
  14. Reincarnationfish - Party Girl
  15. Reincarnationfish - The Adventure Of Miles Cableclaws
  16. Reincarnationfish - Tiffanys Epiphany
  17. Reincarnationfish - Thrown
  18. Reincarnationfish - The Experement
  19. The Kurtz Experiment - Solar
  20. The Kurtz Experiment - Status Symbol
  21. The Kurtz Experiment - Nemesis
  22. The Kurtz Experiment - Metropolis
  23. The Kurtz Experiment - 2012

Images and more information are included in the zip file.

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