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Xykogen/Rural War Room - "It's The Modern Age" London (Original Live Version)

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Xykogen/Rural War Room - \

Xykogen releases a new exclusive download-only single through Zero State Media and Line Out Records on Monday, February 20th, 2012.

'It's The Modern Age" is the first collaboration between Line Out Records' Xykogen and the international cyberband Rural War Room, based in Arkansas, USA. Inspired by the single from the Rural War Room album, The Flaming Yawn (X Prod/RWR/Funky Juice) it a sensation that has produced interpretations in many countries. “It's The Modern Age” EP includes 5 tracks - details below.

In this previously unreleased UK version of the song, we get to hear uncensored banter from both bands, plus a rare live vocal from singer Theramina (Funky Juice Records, Italy) join into the jam.

Xykogen with Rural War Room with special guest Theramina - "It's The Modern Age" London (Original Live Version)

  • Amon Zero - programming & vocals
  • Mark Eris - vocals
  • Donavan Suitt - vocals, Korg Karma
  • Max Rael - keyboards, effects
  • Theramina - vocals
  • Mog Warbeast - vocals
  • Lee Chaos - effects, electronic drums & live video
  • Byron Werner - vocals, SK-1 sampler, radioactivity detector

Artwork by Byron Werner

Recorded at The Premisis, London, UK
Written, produced, performed + recorded by Xykogen with Rural War Room
Produced by Max Rael and Donavan Suitt

Sounds of discontent fueled by the London riots and USA Occupy protests crept into this session, even though recording was a real celebration of new ideas and techniques for both bands... and fun.

Full details & tracks from the "It's The Modern Age" EP can now be streamed from

Click here to download Xykogen/Rural War Room - "It's The Modern Age" London (Original Live Version)

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