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Xykogen - Carnevale

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Xykogen - Carnevale

The Digital Freakshow is Back in Town

Lurching into town in the twilight hours to the strains of a circuitbent calliope, Xykogen are back with their fourth album, Carnevale.

Roll up, roll up for a death defying carcrash blend of electro, dub, industrial, hip hop, transhumanism, cold moral fury and anything else that didn't have the good sense to stay nailed down. Industrial Purists be warned. There are flutes.

Gasp! At the Death Defying Dr. Zero and his Shocking Stories of Sumerian Striptease.

Marvel! At the Magnificent Mog Warbeast and her Magickal Melodies.

Recoil in Horror! At the Revolting Reverend Eris and his Raging Rap Stylings!

Avert your Gaze! As the Miraculous Max Rael takes his life into his own hands taming ferocious analogue beasts from exotic parts!

Fear for your Sanity! As the Legally Questionable Lee Chaos performs forbidden beat surgery rituals for your decadent pleasures!

Stroke Your Beard Sagely! At the Curious Cunabulas Cabinet of Faustian Filterss and Daemonic Designs.

Cower in the Corner! At Creepy Kyn Esis' Coding Corruptons and Hellish Hardware.

12 tracks. Available for Free Download.

Produced by Xykogen. Mastered by Geoff Lee.

Farewell To The Flesh. Welcome To The Carnevale.

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Track List

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  1. 01 2072
  2. 02 Carnevale
  3. 03 Brand X
  4. 04 Prozac Nation
  5. 05 Medication
  6. 06 Damaged Gods
  7. 07 Virus Motives
  8. 08 URX
  9. 09 Burn (Myself Down)
  10. 10 Haemorrhage (The Monkey Cage)
  11. 11 Key

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