Line Out Records

New Magazines in stock

It's magazine time. 3 new mags in stock....

TWF Issue 8
Including an absolute fucktonne of coverage of Line Out bands (Earth Loop Recall, DeathBoy, Trauma Pet, History of Guns on the CD), along with plenty of non-Line Out artists as well.

TWF Issue 8
TWF Issue 8 - 3.95

Bubblegum Slut issue 26
Furry and pocket sized, loadsa rock/metal and other alternative music-type-stuff, and it's only a quid-fifty

Bubblegum Slut Issue 26
Bubblegum Slut issue 26 - 1.50

Backlash issue 6
New one to OnLineOut it looks great and has a 20 track CD, give it a try....

Backlash issue 6
Backlash issue 6 - 1

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