Line Out Records

Bob Plays Tunes Episode 8

The latest Line Out Radio show is now available to listen to online. Over two hours of music and mumbling.

The show:

The Playlist (and info on stuff mentioned in show):

More info and old shows:

This episode includes music by:
Kid Galahad, Jetstream Lovers, The Silence Kit, Devilish Presley, Imbeciles and the poison umbrella, Putra-Chic, Earth Loop Recall, Obka, Reincarnationfish, Colt, Jentulman, K-Nitrate, Pilot71, The Who Boys, Cassette, Rome Burns, The Torpedoes, Katscan, The Judas Coven, Arkam Asylum, DeathBoy, Raelism, BOBO+BOBO

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