Line Out Records

Tell us about your club

Calling all freaks in eyeliner who like their electronic music!

Amon Zero is putting together a list of clubs, festivals, radio stations and online groups for Xykogen, Line Out Records, and anyone else who might find it useful for sending music to DJs. If the list gets nice and big, he'll post it somewhere public for everyone to use.

If you know of a club/event/group that needs to be on the list but isn't, it'd be great if you could let us know!

We're talking alternative electronica: industrial, EBM, and related genres. We're not *too* picky about the exact flavour of a club, but won't be adding any country music clubs to the list.

So, help the different parts of your scene get in touch with each other by visiting the list and seeing if you've got something to add!

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