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Cheap CDs, loads of 'em

It's CLEAROUT TIME. What with the upcoming releases we desperately need to clear some space in Line Out storage unit Towers. ALSO, the lovely chaps at Wasp Factory have been exceptionally nice to us so we have loads of Wasp Factory stuff as well as Line Out stuff to give to you at stupid prices.

Wasp Factory Store

Wherein you can find the following for tiny amounts of cash (Generally about £3.50 a CD):

Arkam Asylum
Earth Loop Recall
Leech Woman
Tarantella Serpentine
The Chaos Engine
Working with Children and Animals
Working with Children and Animals vol.2

From our own stocks you can now get the following nice discounted prices:
Outlines v1.0 - £1.25
Trauma Pet - You Cannot Feel This - £7
Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature - £2.50
Where It's At: Maidenhead - £2.50

AND... some more: Various - Defcon 2 (£5), Trademark - Want More (£7), Nein Raid Compilation (£4), Autoclav1.1 - Indelible (£4.50), Babylone Chaos and Mos[k] - Anatomía Del Ruido (£4.25), Brother Orchid - The Gemini Project (£5), Catastrophe Ballet - Modern Primitives (£4), Various - Dark Salvation volume 1 (£3), Die So Fluid - Spawn Of Dysfunction (£6), Epidemia - Frecuencias De Radio (Limited Blue Edition) (£4.25), H.I.V.+ - Hypnoise Movement & Harsh Ironworks (Limited Edition) - (£4), Various - I'm With Cupid (£6), Inertia - Negative Prime - (£4), Katscan - Feral Bios (£5), Leisur::Hive - 3 Ton Edition - (£4), Leisur::Hive - Spasm (£5.50), Various - Sick Twisted Individual Vol. 1 - (£1), The Best of Radio Free Abattoir 2004 (£5)

A lot of these releases are now out of print, and for the most part we won't be re-ordering once we are out of stock so GET IN THERE!

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