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This Is Radio Silence

This Is Radio Silence
It is with uncommon joy that I am able to announce the addition of another band to the Line Out gang of noisy bastards: THIS IS RADIO SILENCE.

This Is Radio Silence is the solo project of Ben McLees formerly of Earth Loop Recall and guitarist in post-rock/ambient band SonVer. Very much fitting in with the Line Out outlook Ben says:

"Essentially, TIRS is just the sound of me making music and enjoying doing so. It will not follow any obvious pattern or trend. It will not try to live up to other people's expectations. It is far more likely to confuse than it is to impress. It is for the most part a freeform studio experiment which will straddle numerous genres, colours and moods."

From what I've heard so far it will blow your balls off. We will be releasing the first This Is Radio Silence album as soon as we've prized it from Ben's fingers.

This Is Radio Silence website

This is Radio Silence MySpace

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