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3 Songs - SonVer vs Elephant Leaf

SonVer at the Union Chapel
We're just getting ready for some ambient/experimental goodness in the form of the new EP from SonVer and Elephant Leaf. 3 Songs is a collaboration between UK post-rock/ambient band SonVer and the hauntingly beautiful Elephant Leaf from Belgium. The EP consists of 3 songs (as the name would suggest):

1. Gomera (SonVer with Elephant Leaf)
2. Love Is Where You Make It, Love Is Where You Are (Elephant Leaf with SonVer)
3. Safety In Numbness (SonVer with Elephant Leaf)

The EP is darker than previous SonVer releases but also very moving.

"Gomera is the island in Japanese mythology/cartoonworld from where all the creatures like Godzilla come from. In the track itself, the opening sounds are a field recording which Jo (SonVer) made on the beach in LA GOMERA, in the Canary Islands on our honeymoon in 2005. We were throwing stones around, drunkenly."

"The photo on the front cover is of a little fort Ben (SonVer) made out of stones on the same beach."

The EP will be released on the 31 May at The Union Chapel in London, where SonVer will be playing, they will be joined on stage for the first time by Lucie Dehli (Elephant Leaf). Free entry, the band will be on stage at 12 noon.

Visit SonVer online or
Visit Elephant Leaf online

3 Songs - SonVer vs Elephant Leaf

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