Line Out Records

The 3rd Fire - Warnings...

The 3rd Fire have just released their first full length album. It's an awesome chunk of drone/ambient wonder, in the words of the artist:

'A massive collection of both the new and the old, ‘Warnings...’ is a double album brimming with the weird and the wonderful. The first half is an overview of the wealth of material recorded in recent months, exclusive tracks interspersed with alternative edits and mixes; the second half serves as a retrospective of Phase II, all the tracks being fully remixed and reedited. Here is a dark and twisted journey through the realms of ambient, drone, krautrock and dance, a complex mix that will take every listener somewhere different.'

You can pick it up as a download from OnLineOut here.

There's also a free single 'Early Warning System' which you can get here.

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