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I have been horribly slack and not announced any of the various cool things we have released over the last few months. We've teamed up with Zero State Media to bring you the following wonderful things.

Xykogen - The Beggar And The Fountain. Released today (21st December). Xykogen reach new levels of insanity (with awesome graphics to top it off)

Zero State Media : Upload 2011. The first compilation from the Zero State futurists. Compiled by the ever beautiful Max Rael.

History Of Guns - Album 4. Also known as 'Whatever you do don't turn up at Twelve'. Successfully covers a huge range of styles while still maintaining that brilliant History Of Guns sound.

All free to download. Tell your friends.

Xykogen - The Beggar And The Fountain Zero State Media : Upload 2011 History Of Guns - Album 4

Have a lovely, noisy, Christmas! xx


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