Line Out Records

What's going down.

Hello, we've not updated for a while and not put any releases out for even longer. The label is a bit 'on hold' due to other commitments (mostly me now having had a small child to look after and a not so small unrelated business to run). We're not dead, just resting.

In the interim you can check out other stuff we are involved with:

I now run Shinytastic Ltd. a web/multimedia/development agency. We make cool stuff.

I blog semi-regularly at Anxious Silence, it's a mish-mash of complaining about idiocy and getting excited about cool stuff.

Myself and Karen also now run Shiny Geeky Things, a geek culture blog, we've just put up a bunch of articles to help with your geeky Christmas shopping.

Do check back in on occasion,
Peace, love and lager!


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