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Out Of Madness Charity Announcement

We are very pleased to announce the charity who will be receiving the donations from the Out of Madness project. It is......

They are the UK's largest children's cancer charity and do lots of good work so sign up now.

We are still looking for submissions for the compilation and will be for a while so keep sending them in.

Pre-order your copy of the compilation now and you not only get to vote for the tracks that will appear on it but will also get copies of all the tracks that don't make it.

We've already had some great submissions from Audio War, Bla Bla Bla, BlankInfinity, Emoshun, Freudstein, Interstellar Rhythm Machine, K-Nitrate, O.V.N.I., Scarlet Soho, The Barbarellatones, The Sepia, Tracer, Vultures and more coming in soon. So sign up now, it's for a great cause and you will get a stonking CD at the end.

Oh, and tell your friends!

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