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New Radio Show and Remix Packs

The next episode of the monthly (ish) radio show 'Bob Plays Tunes' is now up on the site.

We've had a bit of feedback on the show (or rather the informing people about the show) so to make things a bit clearer:

Is it just Line Out music?
Nope, we play all sorts of music from loads of different bands, as many different bands as possible.

Can I download it, is it a podcast?
Afraid not, due to licensing restrictions you can only listen to it online (for the moment).

If you have any comments on it drop me a line -

Click here to listen to Bob Plays Tunes Episode 3
Click here for the playlist
Click here for more information.


We've also now got the Reincarnationfish remix packs ready to send out. The tracks available to remix are:

  • Amikino

  • Homeless Samurai

  • Rock and Roll Astronaut

  • I was born a techno kid

If you're interested in getting a copy mail me at

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