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Line Out Radio - Bob Plays Tunes Episode 5

Line Out Radio - Bob Plays Tunes Episode 5

YES! Only 3 months late. More groovy tunes. Some mumbling and nostalgic wittering from me but mostly good tunes. It's stream on demand so listen to it whenever you like.

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Featuring tracks by: Dead dog in black bag, 100 Bullets Back, Jetstream Lovers, Xykogen, Audio War, Arkam Asylum, Autoclav 1.1, Exmaark, DeathBoy, Obka, Holon, Modulate, Since I was a little girl, I Am Immune, Reincarnationfish, History of Guns, Jasmine Star, Spiderbox, Schadenfreude, Bent U.S.A., Naked Casino, Trauma Pet, Goteki, Area 10, Blue Label, Dissolved, Sinister Experiment, Drip Fed

There may be another one before Xmas. It will probably not be an 'xmas special'.

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