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Tis the season to buy STUFF

BUY THINGS FROM US! NOW! They will make you life better (and clear out my house a bit)
Please, I can't move for STUFF, all over the bloody place, if you buy lots of stuff I promise to release some more fine records by popular beat combos

Anyway, enough pleading, I've got some quality wares for you...

TWF Magazine, the Whitby Goth Weekend special.
TWF WGW Special

Why is this so late you may ask? Well, I lost them under a big pile of DeathBoy and Jetstream Lovers stuff and have only just managed to uncover them.
Yours for only 2 quid -

Devolution Magazine - Issue 11
Devolution Mag Issue 11

New in today. Quality publication, it's got pretty things in it (and loads of articles, reviews and all that stuff).
Yours for 2 paaaand fifty -

Need I mention the Line Out releases? Yes, I bloody do. If you've not got any of these, why not?

Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature - 5
DeathBoy - End of an Error - 10
Trauma Pet - You Cannot Feel This - 10

Our CLASSIC, (that's right CLASSIC) electronic/electro-rock compilation Outlines v1.0 is now on sale for a measly 4. Buy 2 copies and give one to a friend.

There's more sale stuff here.

We STILL have DeathBoy and Trauma Pet t-shirts. Different colours/sizes available on request.

Shit! Goths!

SHIT! GOTHS! / i can feel your beady gothic eyes boring into me, like doileys in my soul

EVERY ORDER gets a FREE Line Out and Chums CD featuring a shedload of great bands.

(please note, I was not cynical enough to suggest any of these would be the "perfect Xmas present" but obviously, they would)

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