Line Out Records

End of an Error - HALF PRICE!

This is your chance to get the damned excellent and HIGHLY ACCLAIMED DeathBoy album End Of An Error for half price.

11 tracks of rather smashing Futurepunk, extraordinarily articulate industrial futurepunk to be precise.

Mick Mercer says nice things about it.
Gothtronic say it's damn fine.
Connexion Bizarre think it's pretty groovy as well.
Lots of other people have said lovelly things about it, but frankly for this price you can take the risk.

So if you love the DeathBoy in that special way come and get your copy now.

Buying from us direct (onlineout) and mperia pays the band a whole lot more than purchasing from other outlets. The more ca$$$h we raise the quicker we can release more musical wonderment, any profits to Line Out will be going towards future releases.

Get it from Mperia as a download for a FRANKLY SHOCKING $5

Get a proper CD with sexy booklet from for a teeny tiny 5 quid

Not sure if you want it? Maybe this or this will convince you? Still not sure? Go download some free DeathBoy tracks and see if you like them (course you do).

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