Line Out Records

Pimping on a Friday night

All this week we are sticking high quality streaming tracks from end of an error up on the net. Here's today's...

Something - DeathBoy

Full quality streaming mp3 preview

Something - DeathBoy
Full quality / full track streaming mp3 preview

Purchase the entire album for an absolute pittance, because (a) we love you (b) I want some storage space back

2.50 ($5) MP3 Album (no DRM) / 5 ($10) CD

Please help us by cutting and pasting to your LiveJournal/Myspace/etc

Also, we are selling tickets to the forthcoming Sheep On Drugs + Trauma Pet gig. We'd really like to shift as many as possible to help get Trauma Pet some more gigs up in the city filth.

Again, cut 'n' paste pimp code...

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