Line Out Records

Bob Plays Tunes - Episode 7

The latest Line Out Radio show is now available to listen to online. Over two hours of music and 'news' (where news = random mumbling about bands and stuff!)

The show:

The Playlist (and info on stuff mentioned in show):

More info and old shows:

This episode includes music by: Scarlet Soho, The Mekano Set, The Countdown, Earth Loop Recall, Violet Nine, Obka, Xykogen, Zombie Girl, Freudstein, Creaming Jesus, Fat Habit, History of Guns, Jentulman, Interstellar Rhythm machine, Audacity, Cassette, DeathBoy, Playdoughboy, Reincarnationfish, Trauma Pet, The Silence Kit, Action Directe, Tarantella Serpentine, KnifeLadder, Putra-Chic

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