Line Out Records

Trauma Pet Video (help)

We are making a video for Trauma Pet's song "1". We need help or it's going to go massively over budget and give me a coronary.

The thing we need most is the inside of a manor house OR something that looks a bit like the inside of a manor house. Specifically we need a 'large hall' area and a hallway. If you have access to anything like this or know anywhere that might be suitable please please please please get in touch. We will have access to props to make it look more suitable. It's only the inside we care about. Do you have a big house? Can we use it?

We also need a balcony, if it's in the same location as the house that would be great but anywhere is a start.

We also need ornate gates. Any ideas.

A four poster bed, someone has to have one of these, don't you?

We need some props, can you help us with any of the following....
- A double matress
- Velvet fabric for bed
- black fluffy cushions
- balck fluffy fabric/ and some white
- a pane of mirror glass (Decent size)
- LOADS of empty champagne/wine glasses
- plastic or glass champagne flutes
- an unbreakable vase
- flowers (Realistic fake ones will do--preferably roses)

We either need to buy or borrow all of the above, we will of course pay for breakages.
We probably still need extras as well.

If you can help with ANY of the above please please please let me know -

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