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Record Labels

Great labels that are not us.


Trend ignoring, lo-fi championing label.


It's a Miracle Of Modern Technology

Unknown Element

Fellow Maidenhead record label.

Wasp Factory

Alternative greatness, host to some of the best non-Line Out bands in history.

Where It's At Is Where you are.

Where music and passion are always in fashion. Indie/hip-hop wonder, we work with them as often as we can.


Line Out bands and some non-Line Out bands who we would like to be Line Out bands.


We wish we had invented them.

Devilish Presley

Deathrock UK supremos and eternal friends of Line Out


Deviant.electro.rock gods

Interstellar Rhythm Machine

One of the finest examples of melodic electronic music you could come across.

Kid G

Indie/punk/rock excellence.


Also home of Normal records. Normal Records is a collection of artists who are simply too dodgy and wilfully perverse to be signed by any other label.


Electro-breakbeat darkness.


Our longest serving band. Quirky electro-indie.


Eclectic Experimental Dance Music

Trauma Pet

Electro-noir duo. Some of the most gorgeous melodic melancholy in existence.


Taking Futurepunk to the next level and beyond.


Church Of Madness

The darkness to our light. Reading's premier goth/deathrock/industrial/EBM night. Occasional live bands.

Dead and Buried

"You must make a friend of horror" Deathrock / Batcave / Postpunk Gothabilly / Horror Punk / Horror Surf / Trad Goth


Filthy dirty electronic music. DJs and live bands. In Reading.


Goth.Metal.Industrial club in Reading


It doesn't fit elsewhere...

An online community of all things synthpop!


Best web host in the world. Supply the hosting for all Line Out related stuff.

Line Out Records Myspace page

A spanish webzine abaut dark music and culture.

Trauma Pet's Mperia Page

Go download and listen to Trauma Pet songs!


Cultural Treachery

Get yer badges here.


In Perpetual Motion

Leading independent online radio.

Radio Free Abattoir

Alternative underground net radio. Kicks arse in a rather serious manner.

South Coast Alternative Radio

Big inspiration for a lot of Line Out stuff. Great station.


Stuff you can read. We recommend these ones.

Darker than the Bat

Online magazine and radio station.

Dave Ody on The Mag

Dave Ody's page on The Mag.


The platform for the lover of dark music. You can see the Line Out page at Gothtronic here.