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The launch party for Where It's At: Maidenhead is nearly upon us (Monday 11th April @ Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead) and it's going to be a great night. It's 4 in advance or on the door to see 3 of the best local bands - Blind To, Kid Galahad, Fat Habit. It would really really really help us out if people could buy advance tickets so we will have some idea of numbers. We are currently offering tickets half price when bought with an album from us online. If you prefer not to buy tickets online you can also buy them from Dark Edge (Maidenhead market) or from John or myself (we will be at Chicagos on Monday and the Hobgoblin on Thursday). To buy online or get more info go here:

Thanks to all that came and partook of free stuff and live music goodness at the Outlines launch party. It was great fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Sorry if you didn't get a gift box, you should have been quicker, there's always next time. If anyone has any nice photos from the night please send them my way - much thanks to Paul, Claire, Marie, Emma, Schadenfreude, Brother Orchid, Mr Jerv and everyone else who helped out.

Schadenfreude are currently working hard (when not in the pub) on revamping their website and press packs. If anyone has any photos you are happy for us to use please mail them over (or just let me know where they are online) - - thanks.

Outlines is now available locally (as well as being distributed worldwide by Resurrection), you can pick it up in Scorpion Records (Wycombe), Sound Machine (Reading) and of course Dark Edge (Maidenhead market). Woo!

CHARITY much like jam in some senses. Two of my friends are driving to central Asia in a knackered car for charity. You can read how they are getting on and donate to the causes (if you like) here:

Devilish Presley tomorrow night in Reading. Turn up or I'll set you on fire.

-| |-

New stock on its way from Cauda Pavonis, also been speaking to some local punk bands who we may be stocking stuff by soon. Had a lovelly chat with Fruitbat (Abdoujaparov, Carter USM, Who's the daddy now) by email about stocking some WTDN/Carter stuff so expect that in soon.
New Bubblegum slut expected soon.
Want us to stock your stuff? Get in touch -

FREE stuff currently being given away with copies of albums by Devilish Presley, 9xDead and Outlines

Outlines.... mmm free glowsticks, badges and other STUFF! only 9

9xDead..... mmm free keyring. Only 8

Where It's At: Maidenhead..... mmm 19 tracks for 5

Devilish Presley...... Why do you not own this yet?

-| Gigs |-

Add your gig (free and doesn't have to be anything to do with Line Out):

Saturday 2nd April 2005 - The Rising Sun, Reading. 21:00. Free.
- Devilish Presley
- All Gone Dead

Saturday 2nd April 2005 - Warehouse, Fulborn. 10:00.
- Trauma Pet
- Mr Zed Mega Party

Monday 4th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Bellicose

Saturday 9th April 2005 - Bang Bar, Basingstoke. 21:00. 3.50 before 22.30, 4.50 until midnight .
Dr Fell's (club night)

Monday 11th April 2005 - Bar Oz, Reading. 08:00. FREE.
nokturnal (club night)

Monday 11th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead. 20:00. 4.
Where It's At: Maidenhead Launch Party
- Blind to
- Kid Galahad
- Fat Habit

Wednesday 13th April 2005 - Rising Sun, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Church of Madness with stall.
- Corrosion
- RazorBladeKisses

Sunday 17th April 2005 - The Railway Inn, Winchester. 19:30. 5
Neophile Presents
- Devilish Presley
- Rome Burns
- RazorBladeKisses
- All Gone Dead.

Monday 18th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Junkyard Dog

Thursday 21st April 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Electrocious (club night)

Friday 22nd April 2005 - The Agincourt, Camberley. 20:00.
- Mortiis
- Trauma Pet

Monday 25th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Full Motion

Saturday 30th April 2005 - The Brixton Telegraph, brixton. 20:00. 10.

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