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So much news I can't keep it all in my head. DeathBoy album on sale, History of Guns and Earth Loop Recall signed to Line Out, Trauma Pet supporting Sheep on Drugs, two new radio shows and OTHER STUFF. Read on for the details...

--DeathBoy - End of an Error - HALF PRICE for one week only--
This is your chance to get the damned excellent and HIGHLY ACCLAIMED DeathBoy album End Of An Error for half price.

11 tracks of rather smashing Futurepunk, extraordinarily articulate industrial futurepunk to be precise.

Mick Mercer says nice things about it -
Gothtronic say it's damn fine -
Connexion Bizarre think it's pretty groovy as well -

Lots of other people have said lovelly things about it, but frankly for this price you can take the risk.

So if you love the DeathBoy in that special way come and get your copy now.

Buying from us direct (onlineout) and mperia pays the band a whole lot more than purchasing from other outlets. The more ca$$$h we raise the quicker we can release more musical wonderment, any profits to Line Out will be going towards future releases.

Get it from Mperia as a download for a FRANKLY SHOCKING $5

Get a proper CD with sexy booklet from for a teeny tiny 5 quid

Still not sure? Go download some free DeathBoy tracks and see if you like them - (course you do).

--Earth Loop Recall join Line Out--
The rather excellent news for the New Year is that Earth Loop Recall have now signed to Line Out Records. We will be releasing their next album in due course, working title 'This means nothing to you'.

Go check them out, they rock:

--History of Guns join Line Out--
The massively brilliant History of Guns have now signed up to the mighty beast that is Line Out Records. We will be putting their third studio album out at some point in the new year. If you've not heard them yet, there's plenty of free tracks to download on their website: you can also buy their 2 previous albums through OnLineOut:

Flashes Of Light


There's also a video of them live at Futurepunk23 here:

--Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature - Now Available--
The electro indie goodness that is the Jetstream Lovers Debut EP is now on sale in the Line Out shop:

--DeathBoy Interview in the Londonist--
Nice interview here:

--Line Out Radio - Bob Plays Tunes Episode 5--
Line Out Radio - Bob Plays Tunes Episode 5

YES! Only 3 months late. More groovy tunes. Some mumbling and nostalgic wittering from me but mostly good tunes. It's stream on demand so listen to it whenever you like.

Click to listen:


More info:

Featuring tracks by: Dead dog in black bag, 100 Bullets Back, Jetstream Lovers, Xykogen, Audio War, Arkam Asylum, Autoclav 1.1, Exmaark, DeathBoy, Obka, Holon, Modulate, Since I was a little girl, I Am Immune, Reincarnationfish, History of Guns, Jasmine Star, Spiderbox, Schadenfreude, Bent U.S.A., Naked Casino, Trauma Pet, Goteki, Area 10, Blue Label, Dissolved, Sinister Experiment, Drip Fed

--Line Out Radio - Bob Plays Tunes Episode 6 (the NOT an Xmas special)--
Hot on the heels of episode 5, number 6 is up already. It's honestly not an Xmas special but does include a selection of Xmas songs (sort of).

Click to listen:


More info:

Includes tracks by: Katscan, Earth Loop Recall, Colt, Weevil, Fat Habit, Idou, History of Guns, The Who Boys, Reincarnationfish, Obka, RazorBladeKisses, Din Krakatau, 3 Loose Moose, Nixon, Trademark, Xykogen, The Silence Kit, This is radio silence, Doug Shepherd, Interstellar Rhythm Machine, Action Directe, DeathBoy, Half Man Half Biscuit, Ocular Sinister & Bob

--Sheep on Drugs + Trauma Pet--
The marvellous Trauma Pet - - are supporting Sheep on Drugs along with 3 other bands at Camden Underworld on the 3rd Feb.

Tickets are a mere 7 quid and you can buy them direct from us here -

Come support the band and help them get more London gigs!

Trauma Pet on iTunes -
Trauma Pet on OnLineOut -

Visit for loads of other mags, CDs and downloads

Sheep on Drugs + Trauma Pet + Support - Saturday 3rd Feb 2007 7.00
Sheep on Drugs + Trauma Pet + Great Support = Damn good night out

Empty Playground - Issue 5 2.00
Brilliant quality metal mag with 18 track coverdisk

Decido Requiem - E.S.P. EP 5.00
Ambient metal with a sinister gothic twist

Devolution - Issue 11 2.50
More goth metal and punk that you would believe

TWF Magazine Whitby Goth Weekend Special 2.00
Twf Magazine, the story so far...

DeathBoy - DeathBoy - Shit! Goths! T-shirt 12.00
Shit! Goths!

Add your own here:

Thursday 11th January 2007 - The Joiners , Southampton.

Saturday 27th January 2007 - Windsor Arts Centre, Windsor. 20:00. 7.50 on the door, 6.00 in advance.
Fat Habit + Support

Saturday 3rd February 2007 - Camden Underworld, Camden. 7.
Sheep on Drugs + Trauma Pet + Support

Sunday 4th February 2007 - The Glow Lounge, Clapham. 20:00. Free.
The Who Boys

Friday 9th February 2007 - The Mixing Tin, Leeds.
DeathBoy + Trauma Pet

Saturday 3rd March 2007 - The Engine Room, Brighton. 20:00.
Devilish Presley

Friday 9th March 2007 - The Mixing Tin, Leeds. 20:30. 3.50.
Devilish Presley

Sunday 11th March 2007 - The Railway Inn, Winchester. 19:30. 5.
Devilish Presley

Tuesday 20th March 2007 - Talking Heads, Southampton .

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