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Last week Interstellar Rhythm Machine was included on the Ol' Tamaras Party
online compilation you can read about it (and in fact download it for FREE)
Thanks to John ( for alerting us to this fruity opportunity.

Where It's At: Maidenhead launch party on the 11th April, will feature 3
bands, we have confirmed Kid Galahad and Fat Habit, we'll let you know the
third once we have confirmation. Come along, it will be fun.
The Maidenhead Chicago Rock cafe are making a real go at getting local
bands to play on Monday nights, give it a go, they are also looking for
bands to play... go see them, there are precious few venue's left round
here so take advantage of what's available.

Brother Orchid have confirmed they will headline the Outlines v1.0 launch
party on 16th March @ The Rising Sun in Reading (as part of Church of
Madness). The line up is now Brother Orchid and Schadenfreude with assorted
DJs (myself included), there will be an Outlines stall. We also have some
nice gift boxes to give away on the night (for nothing, completely free)
the only trouble is we have not thought out how to give them away, if you
can think of some amusing method of distribution
(games/competition/whatever) let me know - I might
give a gift box to the best idea!

Last chance to see the ever so gorgeous (and they sound pretty fine as
well) Devilish Presley coming up soon, they are doing 2 gigs in the area (2
April in Reading, 17th in Winchester) before they tour off into the night
(well outside the area) until May next year. They really are one of the
VERY best live bands to play on the planet EVER if you have not seen them
yet come along.
In Reading -
In Winchester -
But their things -

As has been pointed out this week there has been some confusion over how
our online shop works.
You can pay with credit card instantly, you don't need special membership
and you don't need to belong to a cult or anything like that, just choose
what you want and go to the checkout. There is a list of credit cards
accepted on the homepage.

I've been chatting to the guys at Electrocious (Electro club in Reading there will be Line Out bands playing there
soon, just finalising stuff at the moment. It looks like faetal and Trauma
Pet might both be playing there soon as well.

This might be of interest to some of you local to this area:

-| |-

No new stock this week although I have had a nice chat with a couple of
labels so lots of interesting new things might be coming.

Electrofest tickets still on sale (13) don't forget tickets bought from us
go to Trauma Pet's headcount.

Get a free keyring with every copy of 9xDead's album "Dead, But Dying" (8)

We are still giving away badges and fanzines with every Devilish Presley
album, order yours now before we run out of stuff!

A few copies of Bubblegum Slut #17 still available. IT HAS FAKE FUR ON THE
COVER. (1)

Mmmm... The Sepia, this really is a VERY sexy album (10)

-| Gigs |-

Don't forget, add your gig online for inclusion here and other places.

Sunday 6th March 2005 - The Buffalo Bar, lslington. 8:00. 4.
- Comet Gain
- The Mor Paranoids
- Woman

Monday 7th March 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Resound

Thursday 10th March 2005 - Madame Jo Jo's, Soho. 21:30. 4 with flyer (5
Faetal Album Launch Party
- faetal
- Smash TV
- Misnomer

Saturday 12th March 2005 - Bang Bar, Basingstoke. 21:00. 3.50 before
10.30, 4.50 until midnight.
Dr Fell's Gothic Night (club night)

Monday 14th March 2005 - Bar Oz, Reading. 20:00. free.
nokturnal (club night)

Monday 14th March 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Bomber Command

Wednesday 16th March 2005 - Rising Sun, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Outlines Release Party
- Brother Orchid
- Schadenfreude

Saturday 19th March 2005 - The Railway Inn, Winchester. 08:00. 4.
- Leisure::Hive
- RazorBladeKisses
- Torpedoes

Monday 21st March 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Rotating Leslie

Thursday 24th March 2005 - Hobgoblin, maidenhead. 20:00.
End of radio (DJ Night)

Saturday 26th March 2005 - Camden Palace, Camden. 15:00. 13 advance.
Electrofest. Tickets available here
- Cursor Minor (
- Mechanical Cabaret (
- Noblesse Oblige (
- Lowe (
- Ovni (
- Trauma Pet (

Monday 28th March 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Lippy

Saturday 2nd April 2005 - The Rising Sun, Reading. 21:00. Free.
- Devilish Presley

Monday 4th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Bellicose

Monday 11th April 2005 - Bar Oz, Reading. 08:00. FREE.
nokturnal (club night)

Monday 11th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
Where It's At: Maidenhead Launch Party
- Kid Galahad and other bands to be confirmed

Wednesday 13th April 2005 - Rising Sun, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Church of Madness (with stall)
- Corrosion
- RazorBladeKisses

Sunday 17th April 2005 - The Railway Inn, Winchester. 19:30. 5 pounds.
Neophile Presents...
- Devilish Presley
- Rome Burns + RazorBladeKisses + All Gone Dead.

Monday 18th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Junkyard Dog

Friday 22nd April 2005 - The Agincourt, Camberley. 20:00.
- Mortiis
- Trauma Pet

Monday 25th April 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Full Motion

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