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Subject: Goodnight Schadenfreude

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The sad news this week is that long time (well for us) Line Out band Schadenfreude have decided to split up, no bad feelings involved, the guys are both currently overburdened with work and couldn't dedicate as much time to it as they wanted. This does leave us open to do more some stuff with Martin-freude's side project "Sinister Experiment" which some of you may have experienced in the past. We are considering a limited release of their classic "Bestiality EP". As for Anthony-Freude, we have hacked him up and buried him in Maidenhead thicket. We may consider re-assembling him so he can carry out his tasks as RazorBladeKisses sound engineer.

The exciting news is that we are just about ready to launch Line Out net radio - I will be coming up with a catchier name (suggestions welcome). The intention is to do a scheduled show a week with the last couple of weeks shows archived on the site to listen to. There will be the occasional guest DJ and live music slot. More info next time, or keep your eyes on If you would like your tracks played get in touch -

The slightly less interesting news is that you can now submit your gigs and events to the Static events listing without an account. The events listing is syndicated to other sites via an RSS feed so you get a fair amount of coverage (plus it gets sent out in our mailout).
Add your event here -

The exciting but not Line Out News - WIAIWYA are planning a followup to their excellent "Sixty Minutes (our hour)" album. The original album consisted of sixty tracks by different artists all at about 1 minute. John (head music guru of WIAIWYA) is looking for tracks for the followup he says:
"Would any of you like to be on it (or do you know anyone who would)?... Basically, all sorts of bands, all sorts of music (the more the better in fact, as the idea is to produce an incredibly diverse, high quality mixture of great bands that can be used to fill gaps in radio shows/ mix tapes/ etc, as well as being an awesome compilation cd (in hand made sleeves))... They will of course have all contact details in the art work too...
In return you'll get a copy of the cd per band member (I'm afraid this can't really be any more, just because of the quantity of bands on it - initially it'll be a pressing of 1000), and as many as you might want to buy at cost price.
The deadline for tracks (to have everything ready before Christmas) would be the end of august, which would give us September to master, and October to manufacture... So four months to write and record 60 seconds of perfect pop???... No problem... Just let me know if you're interested..."
You can contact John at this address - - it's a great opportunity.
You can buy the first volume here -

Don't forget next week in Wycombe - Die So Fluid + Scarlet Soho + Brother Orchid
There's a new Brother Orchid limited edition single being released on the night, turn up or you might never get one!

-| |-

OnLineOut now resides on it's own web-server, this is of very little interest to anyone, but it does mean that we now have the space and bandwidth to upload samples of all the albums on there which we have been doing slowly (ok, I keep getting distracted and listening to entire albums).
We are still looking for more stock, we are happy to take anything from local band promos to full full pressed label releases, drop me a line, we offer great return rates -

With the passing *sniff* of Schadenfreude, we bring you a retrospective look at their releases:

Outlines v1.0 - £9

Dark Salvation Vol1 - Currently out of stock but expecting more this week

New stock. Loads in recently, there are 30 second samples of most of the new items to listen to.

Rabbit Junk - Industrial rock imported from the states. Toured with Alec Empire - It's great. £9

I'm with cupid - WIAIWYA's Indie Valentines record! Ok odd time of year to get it in stock but buy it now for next year - £8

Sportique - Modern Museums - Indie-pop-punk-fun (WIAIWYA) - £8

Sportique - Communiqué no. 9 - as above but different! (WIAIWYA) - £8

Doug Shepherd - Type Foundry Sessions EP - Chilled guitar niceness (WIAIWYA) - £5

Lost Boy, The Adventures of. New Hip-hop act, featuring Jamie Cameron of Since I Was a Little Girl (WIAIWYA) - £5

-| Gigs |-

Add your own gigs, it's free, you don't need to sign in and it doesn't have to be anything to do with Line Out

Friday 6th May 2005 - The Lord Nelson, London. 21:00. £4 before 22.00 otherwise £5.
Dead and Buried (Club Night)

Friday 6th May 2005 - Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading. 20:00. 3 QUID.
- Simbolin

Saturday 7th May 2005 - On the Rocks, Shoreditch. 19:30. 6 Pounds .5 with flyer..
New Dark Age 3.
- Devilish Presley

Saturday 14th May 2005 - The White Horse, High Wycombe. 19:00. £5 w/flyer £6 door.
- Die So Fluid
- Scarlet Soho
- Brother Orchid

Saturday 14th May 2005 - Devonshire Arms, London. Unknown.
- Razorblade Kisses

Monday 16th May 2005 - The Marquee Club, London. 19:00. £5 with flyer.

Thursday 19th May 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. FREE.
- faetal
- Scarlet Soho

Saturday 21st May 2005 - Gravity, Reading. 20:00. £3 before 11 £4 after.
Nokturnal (Club night)

Thursday 16th June 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
- Trauma Pet

Thursday 21st July 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
- Interstellar Rhythm Machine