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Hello all, still with us? Good, far too much is going on at the moment (in a good way) to go into too much detail so here is a quick run-down on what's happening.

-| Maidenhead Compilation |-
We are making the final decisions on who gets to be on it RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. It has been very difficult as so much good stuff was put forward but we will be brutal and cut it down to the very best.

-| Outlines v1.0 |-
Outlines is being mastered by Kneill of Brother Orchid at the moment and will be sent to press as soon as he has finished. Pre-release press copies are available.

-| OnLineOut |-
Thanks to everyone who came and bought stuff from us at the Brother Orchid/Trauma Pet gig on Wednesday (great gig btw) we will have the stall set up again tomorrow (Saturday 8th) at the Devilish Presley gig in Reading, come buy things from us, you can of course also order online at

We are not stocking the Trauma Pet promo "Controlled Hysteria" for 3 we are almost out of stock but expecting more in next week.

We are of course still looking for more stock and more places to sell it, if you are a band/label/promoter get in touch.

-| Gigs |-

What's coming up in the next few weeks, if you want your gig listed here go submit it @

Saturday 9th October - The Rising Sun, Reading, 8pm, Free Entry
(there will be an stall at this one)
- Devilish Presley
- faetal

Thursday 14th October, The Joiners, Southampton, 7.30pm, 5
(there MIGHT be an stall here)
Neophile Promotions presents:
- Leisur Hive
- Devilish Presley
- Living with eating disorders
- Faetal

Thursday 14th October - The Rising Sun, Reading, 8pm, Free Entry
(Organised by our very own Drip Fed)
- Dissonance
- Running with a razorblade

Saturday 23rd October - The Spitz, London, 7pm, 10 advance, 12 on door
(This one should be absolutely storming)
- Cinema Strange
- Devilish Presley

Saturday 6th November - The Hobbit, Southampton, 5pm, Free Entry
- Trauma Pet
- Swarf

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