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--Jetstream Lovers pre-order--
You can now pre-order the brilliant Voodoo Nature EP from we are expecting the CDs to arrive mid November so get your order in now for Xmas!

--Trauma Pet supporting the Cruxshadows--
Trauma Pet will be supporting the massively wonderful Cruxshadows on part of their UK tour. They are playing on the 1st and 2nd of December in Birmingham and London respectively. For more info visit the Trauma Pet website:

--Line Out and Chums STILL FREE--
You can STILL get a free Line Out and Chums sampler by purchasing stuff from or just asking nicely for one. The CD includes tracks by DeathBoy, Trauma Pet, Jetstream Lovers, Reincarnationfish, Fat Habit, Xykogen, Jentulman, History of Guns, Scarlet Soho, Katscan, Leisur Hive, I Am Immune

--Futurepunk23 - 23 November 2006--
This will be the gig of the year. Featuring DeathBoy, History of Guns, Snuff Radio, Action Directe and Xykogen. At the Purple Turtle, Camden. More information:

--Trauma Pet T-shirts--
Trauma Pet T-shirts now available from OnLineOut. The ultimate synthpop t-shirt.

You can also now get Trauma Pet's debut album 'You Cannot Feel This' from iTunes, click the link below....

--DeathBoy - Shit! Goths!--
The now infamous DeathBoy T-shirts are now available from OnLineOut. Going near Camden? You need one of these...


Xykogen - The Death and Resurrection Show
The new Xykogen album has been released and you can download it for free from their website. There is NO EXCUSE to not do this!

Visit for loads of other mags, CDs and downloads

DeathBoy - DeathBoy - Shit! Goths! T-shirt 12.00
Shit! Goths!

Trauma Pet - Trauma Pet - Colour Logo T-shirt 10.00
Show your love for the band, wear their logo with pride

Bubblegum Slut #24 1.50
Stroke the fluffy zine of joy

Action Directe - Intervention 7.99
The masters of industrial punk return

Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature 5.00
Jetstream Lovers debut EP. Like a trip to the sixties in a delorean

Devolution - Issue 10 2.50
Goth/Metal/Punk/Art/Fashion & Noise

Add your own here:

Thursday 9th November 2006 - Phatz bar, Maidenhead. 07:45. 3.
Maidenhead Battle of the Bands

Friday 10th November 2006 - Around Town, Maidenhead.
The Furze

Saturday 11th November 2006 - Venue, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 19:30. 4.
Interlock + Zeitgeist Zero

Sunday 12th November 2006 - The Railway Inn, Winchester.
Scarlet Soho

Wednesday 15th November 2006 - Phatz bar, Maidenhead. 20:30. 3.
Monkey Suit presents

Thursday 16th November 2006 - The Fez Club, Reading.

Thursday 16th November 2006 - Phatz bar, Maidenhead. 19:45. 3.
Maidenhead Battle of the Bands

Thursday 23rd November 2006 - Purple Turtle, Camden. 20:00. 5.

Thursday 23rd November 2006 - Phatz bar, Maidenhead. 19:45. 3.
Maidenhead Battle of the Bands

Saturday 25th November 2006 - The Rising Sun, Reading. 21:00. FREE.
Devilish Presley

Tuesday 28th November 2006 - Aylesbury Civic Centre, Aylesbury. 08:00.
The Wonderstuff + Unkle Bob

Tuesday 28th November 2006 - Newcastle University, Newcastle. 19:30. 10adv 12door.
The Cruxshadows

Thursday 30th November 2006 - Phatz bar, Maidenhead. 19:45. 3.
Maidenhead Battle of the Bands

Saturday 2nd December 2006 - The Garage, London.
Cruxshadows + Swarf + Trauma Pet

Saturday 27th January 2007 - Windsor Arts Centre, Windsor. 20:00. TBA.
Fat Habit + Support

Friday 9th February 2007 - The Mixing Tin, Leeds.
DeathBoy + Trauma Pet

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