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Subject: Out Of Madness Launched

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Yes! It's charity CD time. We have now launched the Out Of Madness project. This is the collaborative project between Line Out and the Church Of Madness, we are compiling an alternative compilation whose profits will be going to a cancer charity. The twist is that the public gets to vote on which tracks make it onto the final CD. It's 10 to get involved for which you will receive a copy of the CD and also get to download all the tracks that don't make it onto the final album. We are also still accepting submissions for the album (and will be for a while to come). Check out the website to join up/vote/get involved:

As you may have guessed due to the silence eminating from us over the last couple of months Line Out has been rather busy (we have not just been hiding in the pub - honest). Some of the news from the last few months:

-== Line Out Website ==-
There's loads of new stuff up on including an array of shows and tracks to listen to online - - and a few tracks to download -
We will be adding more free stuff on a fairly regular basis, you can subscribe to the podcast using this link:
Or the news page using this one:

What with the impending album releases we are clearing a bit of space out, to help with this we have a pre-xmas sale going on at
There's loads of great stuff on sale including:
Audio War - Negativity - 8
Blue October - One Day Silver, One Day Gold - 8
Die So Fluid - Spawn Of Dysfunction - 7.50
Katscan - Feral Bios - 6.50
Psychophile - Vodka Milk - 6.50
Scarlet Soho - Divisions of Decency - 7.50
Outlines v1.0 - 5
... and loads more.

-== Combichrist + Katscan + Trauma Pet + XP8 ==-
Live at Dingwalls, Camden - Sunday 4th December.
You can buy tickets here:

-== Trauma Pet News ==-
Are you ready for the Trauma Pet debut album "You Cannot Feel This"? You had better be as we are about to jet off to sunny Southampton to record it. Final release date will be announced very very soon, it will be around the end of March 2006, there may well be the odd sneaky copy available before then for those that keep their eyes and ears open.
There will be gigs aplenty and possibly more than one launch party (depending how exhausted they are after the rigours of the studio).

In the meantime you can listen to some of Trauma Pet's spankingly good tracks online at

You can still buy the Trauma Pet promo E.P. online:

-== Reincarnationfish News ==-
The album is recorded! It is damn fine! But we are not quite ready to release yet, we are currently booking some live dates for Nick around the country and will announce a release date soon after.

He has released a teaser promo E.P. which you can buy for 3 here:

Nick has been updating his website a fair amount recently:

You can also listen to some of his tracks at

-== Devilish Presley - Memphisto ==-
The mighty Dev Pres recently released their storming third album through November Tenth records. You can buy it through their website. You will not regret this:

-| Gigs |-

Add your own at
The Static events RSS feed:

Thursday 17th November 2005 - The Fez Club, Reading. 21:00. 4, 3 students 2 electrocious badge holders..
Electrocious featuring Trademark and Particle Blue

Saturday 19th November 2005 - Windsor Leisure Centre, Windsor. 07:00. 15.
One Night Stand

Sunday 20th November 2005 - The Railway Inn, Winchester. 19:00. TBC, probably 4-5 OTD.
Devilish Presley + Razorblade Kisses +TBC

Saturday 26th November 2005 - The Spitz, London. 15:00. 20 advance / 22 door.
Bring Out Your Dead!

Saturday 26th November 2005 - Around Town, Maidenhead. 19:00. FREE.
Just This Evening - 4

Friday 2nd December 2005 - The Old Angel, Nottingham. 19:00.
EBM/Industrial nite Sci-Fi mafia,Kaltekult

Saturday 3rd December 2005 - The Rising Sun, Reading. TBC, probably free.
Devilish Presley

Sunday 4th December 2005 - Dingwalls, Camden. 18:00. 9 or 11 on the door.
Combichrist + Katscan + XP8 + Trauma Pet

Thursday 19th January 2006 - Dublin Castle, Camden,London. 20:00.
Sci-Fi Mafia