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--Trauma Pet - 1 - Now Available--
The new Trauma Pet single is now available from

Two new tracks, two remixes, a video (produced and directed by and a photo album for 2.99, oh and hand printed packaging.

Check out the video on YouTube

Get your copy now

Download version will be available in a couple of months.

--History Of Guns - Issue 6--
History of Guns issue 6 is nearly here! If you want to claim your FREE copy go here and sign up:

--Dave Ody--
Dave Ody's album GEEN is nearly done, we're hoping to start shipping in the next couple of weeks and you can pre-order it NOW...

You can get a preview of Dave's music on his myspace page:

--Lined Up vol.1--
The first of the new series of Line Out samplers is now ready! Well it was going to be the second issue of Line Out and Chums but we ran out of space so it's a CD of entirely Line Out stuff, featuring: Earth Loop Recall, DeathBoy, I Am Immune, Reincarnationfish, Xykogen, History Of Guns, Trauma Pet, Katscan, Dave Ody, Bobo+Bobo, Realism.

For the full tracklisting and more info go here:

To get your copy either buy anything (apart from tickets and downloads) from or just come say hi at a gig (while stocks last of course).

We've also sent out boxes to clubs and shops round the country, to find out where else you can get one go here:

--Podcasts of the month--
You can currently listen to Line Out music on these fine podcasts:

Kev36663. Some rather choice tunes.

Frogcast the Podcast. They've very kindly dedicated an entire podcast to us:


Freudstein - Video of Good
Freudstein have finished their new video. It Rocks.

Visit for loads of other mags, CDs and downloads

History of Guns - 27 Paces 5.00
The excellent History of Guns live DVD

Dave Ody - Geen 5.00
Debut album from indie pop geezer Dave Ody

SonVer - Vigil E.P. 3.00
SonVer's latest EP, four tracks of chilled out experimental brilliance

SonVer - SonVer 7.00
Debut album from post-rock/experimental band SonVer

Bubblegum Slut Issue 27 1.50
Issue 27 of the fluffy mag of joy, this one comes with a 16 track CD

Devolution - Issue 13 2.50
Excellent goth/rock magazine, with free 15 track Unsigned Summer Spirit CD

Add your own here:

Sunday 12th August 2007 - , . 19:00. 8.50.
Time Again + Strawberry Blondes + Devilish Presley + tbc

Sunday 16th September 2007 - , . 20:00. 4 advance 5 door.

Monday 17th September 2007 - , .
Scarlet Soho + I Am Immune

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