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-| The Maidenhead Compilation |-

In the spirit of sharing (the workload anyway), we are working with WIAIAYA
( on a project. Together we are working on a CD of music by
local bands (to Maidenhead), we are searching for bands, artists,
photographers, businesses to sponsor the project and a heap of other stuff.
Submission for music is open whatever style and no matter how long you have
been doing it. You can find out more information online here: if you want to get
involved mail us at

Incidentally, we still don't have a name for the compilation, suggestions
are welcome. We might even give you something free if we use your suggestion.

-| |-

We have a shop. Hurrah. Because I don't have enough to do as it is. The
shop is purely internet based for the moment but will
soon be featuring as a stall at gigs and things. We only have a few items
for sale at the moment but they are damn fine items including:
Devilish Presley - Disgraceland
Normal - Holloway Road
Dark Salvation Volume 1 (featuring tracks from too many good bands to mention)
And quite a bit else, come and have a look.

We will over time be stocking more of the WIAIWYA back catalogue and any
new releases.
Let me know if you like our shop and any improvements we can make, it has
been built specially for Line Out so we can make it work as well as
possible for you guys.

If you are local you can always drop in and pick stuff up and save yourself

-| Outlines v1.0 |-
Outlines v1.0, the second Line Out album will be released at the end of
October, after over a year and it has most definitely been worth waiting
for, I've been listening to it all week and it's fucking great. Tracks by
the following artists:

The Sepia
Brother Orchid
Interstellar Rhythm Machine
Trauma Pet

It will be available in as many record shops as we can punt it into, and of
course in the line out shop

: Gigs :

We are still taking a break from doing gigs and concentrating on studio
work, apart from anything else our last venue (the Soviet) has turned into
some kind of horrendous bar. But there is still loads going on, you can see
lots of gigs listed in the Static online community:

Feel free to add your own.

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