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Subject: Trauma Pet - You Cannot Feel This

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Yes! At last we are ready for release, everyone can finally stop asking me when it will be out, Trauma Pet's debut album 'You Cannot Feel This' will be release on...

17th April 2006

Yes, we have since realised that this is Easter Monday but that should help people remember (that's the current excuse anyway), you can already pre-order it online here -
It's being distributed by the ever wonderful Resurrection records so it should be in a shop very near you very shortly, if it's not you should march into your nearest record shop and demand they stock it, refuse to leave if they don't comply. Start a campfire with Libertines CDs and roast an assistant.
So, anyway, it's as good (if not better) than we had hoped, an opinion shared by everyone who has heard it so far (and we have sought out the very best in opinion givers).

In case you missed it the first time round, the new Trauma Pet album will be released on the 17th April and you can pre-order it here:

Oh, it looks great as well.

+ Out Of Madness +

If you have been asleep/dead for the last six months, we have been working on a charity compilation project. The deal is you give us 10 and we let you vote on a whole bunch of great tracks, at the end we take the highest voted, produce an album from them, send you a copy and give the profits to charity. If you pre-order a copy you will also get copies of all the tracks that don't make the album as mp3s. Simple.

Anyway, the charity is CLIC Sargent who care for children with cancer - there have already a whole bunch of fantastic tracks submitted (Trauma Pet, Freudstein, Action Directe, The Sepia, Scarlet Soho, XP8, O.V.N.I. + a load more) and we are still accepting submissions (get in touch to submit your track, it's open to everyone).

Not sure? We've done a radio show you can listen to for free with a whole bunch of the submissions on it, go here for info - or you can just click here to listen -

There's load of other stuff going on with it and some of the submissions are truly fantastic, and IT'S FOR CHARITY AND IT'S ONLY A TENNER FOR A GREAT CD AND A CHANCE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE / LEAST FAVOURITE ALTERNATIVE BAND.

Go here:

+ New Stock - +

We've been far too busy with recording Trauma Pet's album and shaking down bands for charity contributions to stock up much recently but we do now have the following new things:

Reincarnationfish - The Burning Airship Promo

Unscene Issue 2

Elektrofest 2006 Ticket

Beyond the Veil IV (Weekend Ticket)

Beyond the Veil IV (Day Ticket - 16th April)

Devolution Issue 7

RazorBladeKisses - Ballerina E.P.

+ Other People's news +

Deathrock (UK) legends Devilish Presley have a forum, a new album, and a video. All three are worth checking out, visit their website for info...

Electrocious (Reading) next event is March 2nd featuring Scarlet Soho and 100 bullets back. Go support them it's a fantastic club that dares to play something other than mainstream metal (a rarity in these parts).

Speaking of which.... go here: if you like Deathrock, post punk, batcave, gothabilly or everything else of that persuasion.

Support your local (and not-so-local) events, when they are gone you will miss them.

+ Gigs +

We have a few gigs coming up featuring Trauma Pet, go see them: