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Happy New Year and all that, I hope you all had a great festive season, I did, and a very busy one which is why there has been no newsletter for the last month. Anyhow things are settling back to normal (???) again now which means more work for me, but I love it.

Where It's At: Maidenhead which we have been promising for over a month is actually ready for release at last, yes I know I've been promising it for over a month now but it's actually sitting here with me now, it will be available from this Thursday at The End of Radio (see below), if you are involved (band/sponsor) you should have received an email from John about collecting you copies, if not get in touch.

We were on the radio, John from WIAIWYA and myself were invited into the Star FM ( studio for an interview about Where It's At: Maidenhead, we giggled like little girls but I think we got the message across, the message of course being to buy our new CD as it's great. I managed to go the whole 10 minutes without swearing, thank fuck for that.

"The End Of Radio" is a new night in the Maidenhead Hobgoblin on Thursdays. Organised by Mr John Jervis of WIAIWYA, each week there will be 3 DJs doing various styles of music, free entry and much fun. I did a set on the first night, you can see my setlist here: and I may be going back to do another one sometime soon.

We now have proper DJ promo packs for Outlines v1.0, if you are involved in a club/magazine/whatever get in touch and I'll stick a copy in the post to you.

-| |-
More new stock in this week and some more still on the way including 9xDead and stock from Cryonica.

The wonderful Devilish Presley have also sent us a big bag of assorted fanzines to give to you lovelly people, you get one free with any Devilish Presley purchase.

RazorBladeKisses - Promo CD. 4 Great tracks for 3

Corrosion - Nyaga. Excellent goth rock.

Defcon 2 Collateral Damage - Stomping industrial compilation

The Sepia - Splintered - Yes, at last we stock it, you can all stop asking about it now.

-| Gigs |-
Only a few listings in at the moment, if you want yours listed see below, tis free and going out to a growing number of people around the UK.

What's coming up in the next few weeks, if you want your gig listed here (and in other places) go submit it @

Saturday 15th January - Norden Farm, Maidenhead. 8pm, 5
The Acoustic Cabaret. 3 Loose Moose and guests

Sunday 16th January - Latino's, Henley on Thames. 8pm, 2
The Kindred club night. DJ Nephilim plays a mix of rock, goth, punk, eighties and EBM

Wednesday 19th January - Madame Jo Jo's, Soho, London. 9pm, 4 w flyer/ 5
Flag Showcase night
- Sieze
- Lowe
- Trauma Pet

Saturday 22nd January - 21 South Street, Reading. 7.30pm, 5
- Eden Maine
- Sylosis
- No Made Sense
- Symmetry (tbc)

Saturday 22nd January - The Foundry, London. 8pm, Free Entry
Normal + The Who Boys - DJ/Live

Friday 4th February - The Hobgoblin, Holloway Road, London. 8pm, Free
Normal + The Who Boys - DJ/Live

Monday 14th February - Bar Oz, Reading. 8pm, Free
Nokturnal (club night) goth - metal - industrial

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