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Evenin' all,

The second Line Out album is nearly ready for release (Outlines v1.0) we
will be in the studio with Schadenfreude next week recording the final
tracks BUT it looks like we might have some space for one or two extra
tracks so we are open for submission. If you would like to be included on
the album please get in touch.

- It will cost you NOTHING
- You will be paid royalties (assuming we sell any copies) and get a couple
of free copies
- We are accepting any style of music, just send it in.
- Tracks cannot be covers or use too many samples
- Tracks must be finished within the next month
- You MUST own copyright on the track
- You may use the track elsewhere
- I'm afraid we can't offer any studio time at the moment
- If you don't make it onto this CD you might make the next volume
- Try to send us your best tracks, don't send in any more than 4 or we
won't have time to listen to them!
- Please don't just email me mp3s, get in touch and I will let you know
where to send stuff.
The CD so far is a great mix of electro-rock/synthpop and different
electronic styles.

Confirmed bands are:
The Sepia
Intersteller Rhythm Machine

If you are interested get in touch please pass this onto anyone else that
might be interested.

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