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Crikey, it seems like we are doing nothing then everything happens at once.

Where It's At: Maidenhead. Released at last, into the wild, only a month
over schedule. It's a great CD, being a compilation of tracks by bands
local to our home town of Maidenhead, all the tracks are fantastic quality
and there are lots of different styles so a bit of something for everyone.

Electrofest. We will be going to yell our support for Trauma Pet and OVNI
(plus of course everyone else that's playing) we will also shortly be
selling tickets on OnLineOut. They are not available quite yet but you will
be able to buy them from the link below once we get it sorted! Nice!

Launch Party of Wonder. The ever so delicious Paul @ The Church Of Madness
has offered to help us with a (slightly late) launch party for Outlines
v1.0 where you can yell at bands and free copies of stuff will be given
away. The tentative date is March 16th to coincide with the Schadenfreude
live gig. We shall let you know once things are confirmed. Or just keep an
eye on the Static Events listing -
Church Of Madness -
Outlines v1.0 -

DJ Promos for Outlines are still available as are flyers/posters and all
the other gubbins. Drop me a line - if you would
like a DJ promo pack.

Some exciting gigs coming up, including the growing "End of Radio" and the
first live gig for "Ghastly Voodoo Sex Death Ritual" the new band from
Kneill of Brother Orchid. See below for extended gig details.

-| OnLineOut |-

We are thinking over the idea of selling fanzines. Get in touch if you
would like us to help sell your fanzine. Of course we are still up for
selling bands albums and promos, if in doubt get in touch -

Not much new this week apart from the FAN-DAMN-TASTIC Where It's At: Maidenhead

Electrofest Tickets (not quite on sale yet)

-| Gigs |-

Don't forget, add your gig online for inclusion here and other places.

Saturday 22nd January - 21 South Street, Reading. 7.30pm, 5
- Eden Maine
- Sylosis
- No Made Sense
- Symmetry (tbc)

Saturday 22nd January - The Foundry, London. 8pm, Free Entry
- Normal + The Who Boys DJ/Live.

Saturday 22nd January - The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead. 6pm, Free Entry
John's Birthday!
Mr Jervis, head of WIAIWYA records celebrates his birthday with 5 DJs
playing more styles than you can shake a birthday stick at.

Thursday 27th January - The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead. 8pm, Free Entry
The End of Radio (DJ Night)
Featuring: Reincarnationfish / DJ Aido

Thursday 3rd February - The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead. 8pm, Free Entry
The End of Radio (DJ Night)
Featuring: Ocular Sinister (Schadenfreude) / Paul Smith (Church of Madness)

Friday 4th February - The Hobgoblin, London. 8pm, Free
- Normal + The Who Boys DJ/Live.

Thursday 10th February - The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead. 8pm Free
The End of Radio (DJ Night)
Featuring: DJ Anna / Fuzz (Emergency)

Friday 11th February - The White Horse, High Wycombe. 7.30pm, 4 flyer/5
- Die So Fluid
- Ghastly Voodoo Sex Death Ritual
- Animus Sola

Monday 14th February - Bar Oz, Reading. 8pm, Free
Nokturnal (club night) goth/metal/industrial
guest dj eviscera / resident dj simon penguin
with a stall from gothstuff (

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