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Subject: [Revolve] Gigs and Gigs and Random Stuff

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Good evening alternative type people,

Yaay, another month another gig (or something)

Tuesday 6th February @ about 8-ish in the Mad Ferret! full details here:

You can also download out latest flyer (pdf) @
Feel free to print it out, mail it to people, use it for toilet paper, whatever, just make sure you turn up!

Ok, on the basis that we have more cybertek people interested than i previously expected (Bob's expectations - none reality -loads of you) I'm going shopping on the net for more cd's to keep everyone happy, it suits me anyhow cos its what I would rather listen to anyway. If anyone knows anywhere decent online/offline i can get cheap stuff (Cubanate/VnV Nation etc etc) please tell me, also telling me what you actually want to hear would be a major bonus (Graham if you mail me "Cradle of Filth" at this point I'll have yer balls ;0) )

Anyhow, anyone that doesn't yet know I now have my own decks Yaay! They are currently sitting by my desk pumping PWEI into my office at full volume, but this means we can set up whenever and wherever (sound system accepting) groovy!

More gigs! Thanks to anyone who has reccomended us for parties, we have now been asked to do a valentines ball (what are they letting themselves in for) if we do it I'll try and get a ticket for everyone on the list.

I have also now been asked to do a once a week gig @ the Bar Metro maidenhead on tuesdays, i don't think it would work in there myself and I'm holding out for somewhere that will give us a friday/sat, any comments on this

Take Care