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Subject: [Line Out Records] Electrofest, Launch Parties and Woo all round

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Hurrah! We at last have the Electrofest tickets on sale. Electrofest is is a festival of electronic music, the line up this time is Visage, Girls Under Glass, Cursor Minor, Mechanical Cabaret, Noblesse Oblige, Lowe, OVNI and Trauma Pet

You can buy Electrofest tickets from onlineout here:

All tickets for Electrofest sold through Line Out/OnLineOut go towards Trauma Pet's head-count, the tickets will be posted recorded delivery. You can buy the current Trauma Pet e.p./promo here:
Trauma Pet and OVNI both appear on Outlines v1.0
You can read more about Electrofest here:

The launch party for Outlines v1.0 is going ahead on the 16th March, Schadenfreude will be playing live and probably Brother Orchid as well (to be confirmed), there will be funky gift packs and free sweeties. Free entry. Come along it will be entertaining!
Launch Party Info:
Buy Outlines v1.0

We have now confirmed the launch party for Where It's At: Maidenhead, it will take place on April 11th at Chicago Rock Cafe in Maidenhead, there will be 3 live bands but we have yet to confirm them.
Launch Party Info:
Buy Where It's At: Maidenhead:
If you don't want to but it online you can buy it from the Dark Edge stall in Maidenhead market.

The new Reincarnationfish album "Meet me at the waterfall" is in production and we will announce the release date shortly... as usual DJs and reviewers should add themselves to the press mailing list to receive promo copies we also still have review copies of Outlines and the new Line Out DJ promo available. Get in touch if you want one.

-| |-

New stock this week includes the Electrofest tickets (13):

9xDead - Dead, But Dying (great Welsh Death Rock) (8) with free keyring with each album

We are still giving away badges and fanzines with every Devilish Presley album, order yours now before we run out of stuff!

We have restocked on the absolutely storming "Controlled Hysteria" by Trauma Pet

and don't forget our very own releases:
Outlines v1.0 - "a groundbreaking compilation of up-and-coming UK Electro acts" only 9

Where It's At: Maidenhead - a compilation of local bands. Released with WIAIWYA a measly 5

Sinthetic 2 Live - Our classic first release, experimental and intriguing 6

-| Gigs |-
Don't forget, add your gig online for inclusion here and other places.

Thursday 24th February - The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead. 8pm. Free Entry
The End of Radio (DJ Night)

Monday 7th March - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Resound (as featured on Where It's At: Maidenhead)

Thursday 10th March - Madame Jo Jo's, Soho, London. 9.30pm. 4 flyer/ 5 without
Faetal Album Launch
- Faetal
- Smash TV
- Misnomer

Saturday 12th March - Bang Bar, Basingstoke. 9pm, 3.50 before 10 4.50 after
Dr Fell's Gothic Night (Club night) playing Goth, goth rock, post punk, posi-punk, industrial and 80's, No EBM

Monday 14th March - Colorz (Bar Oz), Reading. 8pm. Free
Nokturnal (club night), with stalls from and

Monday 14th March - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead
- Bomber Command

Wednesday 16th March - Rising Sun (pub), Reading. 8pm. Free
Outlines v1.0 Launch Party
- Brother Orchid (to be confirmed) -
- Schadenfreude

Saturday 19th March - The Railway Inn, Winchester. 8pm. 4
- Leisure::Hive
- RazorBladeKisses -
- Torpedoes

Monday 21st March - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead.
- Rotating Leslie

Thursday 24th March - The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead. 8pm. Free
The End of Radio (DJ night)

Saturday 26th March - Camden Palace, Camden, London. 3pm. 13
- Visage
- Girls Under Glass
- Cursor Minor
- Mechanical Cabaret
- Noblesse Oblige
- Lowe
- Trauma Pet

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