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Subject: Come look at the shiny things.

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>>> New Shop Of Woo <<<
We are so utterly proud to announce the re-launch of our shop that it's hard to find the right words, so I'll just tell you what's changed
- It looks better
- It's easier to use
- It's faster
- There is more FREE STUFF available
- We now sell downloads FULL ALBUM DOWNLOADS - how exciting is that.
- We have so much more stock. (see below for info on some of it)
So if you've not given it a look before go have a look now
We've worked hard to keep the prices low and we are still looking for more stock so if you are in a band or involved with a label, fanzine, whatever just get in touch -

>>> Radio Of Wonder <<<
Line Out Net Radio has been happily going for a few weeks now, we are currently doing a Friday afternoon show every week and are still working on getting some more people involved and doing some live events on the radio.
You can check out the past playlists and listen to archived shows here:

>>> Out Of Madness - Charity Madness <<<
We have teamed up with the delectable Paul Smith and the Church Of Madness to bring you "Out of Madness" the first Line Out/Church of Madness charity album. All profits from the album will be going to a certain Cancer related charity (we can't name until paperwork is sorted).
We need you to get involved. We are looking for bands to submit tracks (industrial, goth, electronic) for the album, we will be putting previews of the tracks up on the website and allowing the public to vote for which tracks make it to the final release.
We are also looking for sponsors to help get the release off the ground and of course the music loving public to buy it. As well as direct sponsorship we are after sponsors who can offer us services towards the release (CD pressing, printers, magazine ads, etc).
You will be able to pre-order a copy on the website soon, everyone who pre-orders gets to vote on the track listing plus pre-ordering users will be able to download all the submissions that don't make it at the end.
We are still fine-tuning the whole idea but you can keep an eye on how we are doing over here:

>>> Promote Our Label <<<
Currently seeking other labels/clubs/shops/radio stations to help us promote our label, shop and radio station.
If you are involved in any of the above (or anything really) and would like to pool resources please get in touch, I've put up a moderately informative page on what we are looking for here but if you have any other ideas let me know and we might be able to work together -

>>> Submission Guide <<<
In the interest of not repeating myself constantly until I die of boredom I've also (finally) put up the Line Out submission guide:

>>> Not Line Out But We Like Them <<<
MOMT have been possibly busier than us recently. Here is some news from the MOMT camp:

MOMT Online Radio - Broadcasting every Sunday at 18:30 GMT for 4 to 5 hours, MoMT radio will play a selection of tracks picked by the MoMT DJ team. The broadcasts will cover everything from Industrial to Post Rock, Dub to Breakcore, Punk to Funk and everything that falls uncomfortably in-between. The url for the show is

New Releases - We have released two exclusive download only releases via Karma Download. These are:

Holon - Somekind of Order. "Mark's fascination with dark electronic music began in 1994 when a friend came over with some albums by a mysterious (to Mark at least) band called front 242. The albums were Tyranny for you and Evil off. After multiple listens he decided he wanted to hear more music of this kind and started listening to the usual gamut of electro/industrial bands; FLA, Skinny Puppy, early Ministry & Haujobb. Not being satisfied with just listening, Mark began experimenting with music creation. After a couple of years and several dozen tracks Mark was forced to put music making aside, it was interfering with his life. School and work can be very demanding. Around fall of 2000 Mark decided to start composing again, Holon was born. While mostly sticking to post industrial, Holon incorporates elements from other genres (IDM, breakcore, drum&bass) resulting in a unique sound, harsh yet deeply emotional." Download the album from Karma Download url:

... and Bob appears to have lost the information on the other release *ahem*. Go here and find out for yourselves, it's all good, I've heard it:

-| |-

New shop, new stock, when will it end? Want to sell your stuff? -

>>> CDs <<<

Blue October - One Day Silver, One Day Gold - (NEW RELEASE) Melodic synthpop - (9.99)

Mono Chrome - Collapse and Sever - Dark electronic music - (9.99)

Inertia - Black Ice Impact - EBM as it should be (9.99)

Swarf - Art Science Exploitation - An absolute classic (9.99)

Various - Cryonica Tanz v3 - Very dancable 2CD compilation - (9.99)

Fiction 8 - Forever, Neverafter - (9.99)

Void Construct - Sensory Division - (9.99)

Scarlet Soho - Divisions Of Decency (10)

Scarlet Soho - Isolation E.P. - Nearly out of stock now (2.99)

>>> Downloads <<<

Kid G - Skeleton - Sexy Indie Rock (5)

Faetal - [sic] - Still one of the best releases in ages, now you can download it (7.50)

Earth Loop Recall - Compulsion. Noisy and great. (7.50)

Deathboy - Music To Crash Cars To. Raw and fantastic (7.50)

Leech Woman - Uncertainty Device # 26573 - This will hurt your head - (7.50)

-| Gigs |-

Add your own at

Monday 27th June 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead. 21:00. 2.
Live n' Local
- New Highs + Support

Monday 11th July 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead. 21:00. 2.
Live n' Local
- Trinity
- My Red Angel

Friday 15th July 2005 - The Joiners , Southampton. 19:30. 6 with ticket (7 door).

Thursday 21st July 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
- Interstellar Rhythm Machine

Sunday 24th July 2005 - Bar Phono/The Basement, Leeds. 19:00. 3.
Black Sheep
- Misnomer
- faetal
- Trauma Pet

Monday 1st August 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead. 21:00. 2.
Live n' Local
- Denny Lloyd plus guests

Saturday 3rd September 2005 - The Point, Cardiff. 19:02. 14.
- Ayria
- Synthetic
- Swarf
- V2A
+ Support and DJs

Wednesday 7th September 2005 - The Fez Club, Reading. 19:00. 15.00.
- The Mission

Saturday 26th November 2005 - The Spitz, London. 15:00. 20 advance / 22 door.
Bring Out Your Dead!