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-| Maidenhead Compilation |-

Well we've had a fair amount of submissions for the Maidenhead Compilation BUT NOT ENOUGH, (it's never enough), you have 6 days, send in your tracks to us, no matter what you think of them, send them in and let us decide if they are any good. We will let you know our final decisions some time in October.

-| OVNI Remix |-

Not a Line Out project but we love them so what the hell, in their own words:
Seize side project, OVNI, are nearing completion of their debut album. To
accompany (or aid in) the release we are holding a remix competition.

The winner of said competition will be placed onto the final CD and the top
five runners up will be available for download on the website with links out
to all the entrants websites.

All the files are available (including the full version of What Have I
Done?) on
"What have I done?" will be featured on the forthcoming Line Out release "Outlines v1.0"

-| Baby Horrors |-

Again not Line Out but connected with our dark cousins at Paul has launched his Baby Horrors clothing range and they are great, you can see me modelling a Baby Horror in the Maidenhead advertiser about 3 weeks ago (hows that for product placement?), anyway the T-Shirts are funky, great quality and hard wearing (from personal experience), you can go look at pretty pictures and buy them at:

-| Gigs |-

What's coming up in the next few weeks, if you want your gig listed here go submit it @

Tuesday 28 September - The Hope and Anchor, Islington, 8pm 5/4.50
- Neon Zoo
- Death By Visitation of God
- Delusionary
- Trauma Pet

Thursday 30th September - Zoo ((off Leicester Square / Charing Cross Road), 9pm 5
- Ju Ju Babies
- Rubicks
- faetal

Wednesday 6th October - The Foundry, London
- Normal with their monthly night of madness

Wednesday 6th October - The Rising Sun, Reading, 8pm, Free Entry
Church of Madness "Welcome Students" party, Fancy Dress
- Brother Orchid
- Trauma Pet

Friday 8th October - The Hobgoblin, Holloway Road
- Normal

Saturday 9th October - The Rising Sun, Reading, 8pm, Free Entry
- Devilish Presley
- faetal

Thursday 14th October, The Joiners, Southampton, 7.30pm, 5
Neophile Promotions presents:
- Leisur Hive
- Devilish Presley
- Living with eating disorders
- Faetal

Saturday 23rd October - The Spitz, London, 7pm, 10 advance, 12 on door
- Cinema Strange
- Devilish Presley

-| The Acoustic Cabaret |-

Line Out are working on new project with 3 Loose Moose and Norden Farm, we can't say much about it yet but we will keep you up to date. There will shortly be a website

-| Outlines Pre-Release |-

Pre-release copies of Outlines v1.0 will be available shortly to press and DeeJays, get in touch if you want one Please state your purpose in email, we only have limited supplies.

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