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--Whitby Goth Weekend--
We're all off to Whitby Goth Weekend this weekend. Will hopefully see some of you there. Don't forget Trauma Pet are playing on the Friday night and there will be a Line Out stall with some Whitby only offers and general nonsense. You will be able to pick up a copy of the new DeathBoy album and the brand new Line Out sampler. Come say hi.

--Jetstream Lovers pre-order--
You can now pre-order the brilliant Voodoo Nature EP from we are expecting the CDs to arrive mid November so get your order in now for Xmas!

--Trauma Pet on iTunes--
Bored of physical CDs? House full of jewel cases that crunch unpleasantly underfoot? Why not get a copy of the Trauma Pet album 'You Cannot Feel This' from iTunes, because NOW YOU BLOODY WELL CAN. Click the link below for digital media wonderment...

--DeathBoy - End of an Error; Pre-orders--
The terrifyingly good DeathBoy album is nearly here, for those that just can't wait you can now pre-order your copy at onlineout:
You can also order the album with a Black Celebration ticket for a tiny 18, that's a saving of 5 with which you can buy beer and shout at the band:
Or if you just want a Black Celebration ticket we can do that too:
Not convinced? Go to for preview and more information.

--Futurepunk Radio Special--
The latest Line Out radio Show is now online, it's a Futurepunk special in celebration of the signing of DeathBoy.

Listen here:

Playlist here:

More info here:

There's tracks by: Katscan, DeathBoy, Arkam Asylum, History of Guns, I Am Immune, Jetstream Lovers, Clinical Torment, The Who Boys, Rabbit Junk, Xykogen, The Silence Kit, Je$us Loves Amerika, Action Directe, The Countdown, Jello Biafra with the Melvins, Skinflick, Schadenfreude, Snuff Radio, Autoclav 1.1., Caffeine Kill.

Next show will be back to the usual mix of EVERYTHING.

--Line Out and Chums FREE--
We have just finished putting together 'Line Out and Chums Volume 1' a free CD featuring tracks from Line Out releases AND some tracks from our mates, the CD includes tracks by:
Deathboy, Trauma Pet, Jetstream Lovers, Reincarnationfish, Fat Habit, Xykogen, Jentulman, History of Guns, Scarlet Soho, Katscan, Leisur Hive and I Am Immune.
How do you get a copy of it? Order ANYTHING (apart from download products) from and we'll send a copy along with your order. Or just ask me nicely when you see me. I'll be loitering around the Line Out stall on Friday night in Whitby. There's only a limited number so order soon.


Who Boys Podcast
This is the best thing ever (that isn't to do with Line Out). The Who Boys, known to some of you as 'Normal', now have their own weekly podcast 'Saturday Night with The Who Boys' it's a mixture of mash-up tunes arty weirdness, showtunes (why Mark, why?) and entertaining shouting. It will make you laugh cry and hide under the bed in fear. I recommend listening to them in order if only to get the random references to previous shows.
There's a podcast rss feed of it here:
and a slightly confusing page of information and links here:
Listen to it now, although I warn you it's not the most office friendly show on earth.

Monkey Suit Oxfam Gig
The rather nice people at Monkey Suit music have organised a gig for Oxfam:

- The Pluto "This is beautiful and intense" - Spill Magazine -
- Heartwear Process "Hotter than a cemetery furnace" - BBC Berkshire -
- To The Barricades -
- The Wintersleep

Venue: Phatz Bar 50 Queen Street Maidenhead
Date: Wed 25th Oct
Entry: 3 all money goes to Oxfam
Doors: 8:30pm till 1am
Drink promotions before 10pm

Sepia Shop
The Sepia have just opened their online shop, assorted Sepia goodies available:

Visit for loads of other mags, CDs and downloads

Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature 5.00
Jetstream Lovers debut EP. Like a trip to the sixties in a delorean

Devolution - Issue 10 2.50
Goth/Metal/Punk/Art/Fashion & Noise

History of Guns - Apophenia 8.00
The long awaiting History of Guns second LP

History of Guns - Flashes Of Light LP 8.00
Debut LP from post-industrial art noise merchants History Of Guns

Black Celebration VIII Ticket 13.00
More electro/goth/punk/industrial bands than you can shake a mic stand at

DeathBoy - Black Celebration VIII Ticket + DeathBoy End of an Error CD 18.00
Save a fiver and get a Black Celebration ticket with a DeathBoy album

Add your own here:

Wednesday 25th October 2006 - Phatz bar, Maidenhead. 20:30. 3 all money goes to Oxfam.
Monkey Suit Oxfam Gig

Sunday 5th November 2006 - Islington Academy, Islington. 14:00. 13.
Black Celebration VIII

Saturday 11th November 2006 - Venue, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 19:30. 4.
Interlock + Zeitgeist Zero

Thursday 16th November 2006 - The Fez Club, Reading.

Thursday 23rd November 2006 - Purple Turtle, Camden. 20:00. 5.

Saturday 25th November 2006 - The Rising Sun, Reading. 21:00. FREE.
Devilish Presley

Tuesday 28th November 2006 - Aylesbury Civic Centre, Aylesbury. 08:00.
The Wonderstuff + Support TBA

Tuesday 28th November 2006 - Newcastle University, Newcastle. 19:30. 10adv 12door.
The Cruxshadows

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