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Title: Black Celebration - Trauma Pet - Reincarnationfish - Charity + more

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Ahhh summer, it's hot, sticky and fairly unpleasant (for those of us without Aircon anyway) which is my excuse for not sending a mailout for several weeks. Stuff is happening, far too much stuff, I might have to clone myself.

-== LiveJournal Community ==-
We have fought progess for too long now and given in and created a LiveJournal community for Line Out, if you want to be kept slightly more up to date with stuff you can visit the community at the following address:

-== Black Celebration 7 - 6th November ==-
This is looking to be one of the best all dayers in history. Bands are : APOPTYGMA BERZERK / MESH / RICO / PAL / INERTIA / KATSCAN / DEATHBOY / FAETAL / TRACER
You can buy tickets from OnLineOut. All tickets bought from us go towards Faetal's headcount.
Black Celebration Ticket -
Black Celebration Ticket with transport -

-== Out of Madness (The Charity CD) ==-
In case you missed the last newsletter, we are working with the Church Of Madness/SoGoth crew on a joint charity release (for a well known charity we currently cannot name until the paperwork is complete).
We are nearly at the point where we can start accepting submissions for the compilation (and taking pre-orders) check out the website for more information:
or you can read the Out Of Madness LiveJournal:

-== Reincarnationfish (The Electro-indie CD) ==-
Dave ( has nearly finished the final master of the rather good Reincarnationfish album, it's been a long wait but it will be worth it.
There is a possibility of having your face appear on the album artwork (oooh fame for all), keep your eye on the Line Out LiveJournal (see above) for more information.

-== Trauma Pet (The Electro CD) ==-
oooh... more news soon. Incidentally the wonderful Trauma Pet have lots of gigs going on at the moment, you should go see them, they really are far too good:

-== Daytime TV Killed the Radio Star ==--
Well not quite but close, we are rethinking the whole net radio thing and aiming to do more shows evening and weekends plus making the shows a bit more special. There are currently no scheduled shows BUT there are plenty of shows to listen to in the archive plus we will be broadcasting whenever we can (daytime and evening) so check the site to see if we are online.
The first special show will be the Interstellar Rhythm Machine set from his recent Electrocious gig, check the page for show details.

-== Regular Stalls ==-
Hurrah! We have regular stalls. For those that are not so keen on online ordering (or just want to have a browse) we will now be doing stalls at every Nokturnal and Electrocious (both in Reading), check their websites (or static) for dates:

-| |-

We have so much really great stock coming in it's getting hard to keep track. Here's the latest. We are expecting some new download products from MOMT and Goteki in the next week.

-== CDS ==-

The Best of Radio Free Abattoir 2004 - 8

Die So Fluid - Spawn Of Dysfunction - 9.99

Psychophile - Vodka Milk - 9.99

Trademark - Want More - 9.99

-== Zines ==-

Unscene issue 1 - The Magazine for Dark Music and Culture - 2.95

Devolution issue 5 - 1.50

Bubblegum Slut issue 19 - 1

Guestlist volume 2 (with 16 track CD) - 4.50

-== Tickets ==-

Black Celebration 7 Ticket - 12.50

Black Celebration 7 Ticket - with transport - 16

-| Gigs |-

Add your own at
The Static events RSS feed:

Monday 1st August 2005 - Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidenhead. 21:00. 2.
Live n' Local - Denny Lloyd plus guests

Wednesday 3rd August 2005 - The Fez Club, Reading. 19:00. 7.00.
- Nine Black Alps

Friday 5th August 2005 - The Betsy Trotwood, London.
- Trauma Pet

Monday 8th August 2005 - Bar Oz, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Nokturnal (club night) - with stall

Saturday 13th August 2005 - The Face Bar, Reading. 3.50 with flyer or printout of flyer.
DROP ZONE (club night)

Thursday 18th August 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Electrocious - with stall
- Exmaark

Saturday 20th August 2005 - Lennon's, Southampton.
- Trauma Pet
- Capital X

Saturday 3rd September 2005 - The Point, Cardiff. 19:02. 14.
Interzone - Wales' first ever annual Goth/Synth festival
- Ayria
- Psyche
- Synthetic
- Synthetic
- V2A

Wednesday 7th September 2005 - The Fez Club, Reading. 19:00. 15.00.
- The Mission

Monday 12th September 2005 - Bar Oz, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Nokturnal (club night) - with stall

Thursday 22nd September 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
Electrocious - with stall
- The Spins
- Capital X

Friday 30th September 2005 - 13th Note, Glasgow.
- Trauma Pet
- Bozilla

Saturday 26th November 2005 - The Spitz, London. 15:00. 20 advance / 22 door.
Bring Out Your Dead!