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So yeah, things are still going along at a nice rate. We are still desperately in need of sponsorship for the Maidenhead compilation CD so we can release it before Xmas, if you know a business that wants a bit of cheap advertising (as little as 50 quid) please let us know. lots of nice gigs and stuff coming up and we are working on new noisy things as you read this (or we may well have buggered off to the pub by that point).

-| Where It's At: Maidenhead |-
We have the CDs, we have the graphics we just need the sponsors, please please please please get in touch if you know someone who can sponsor this project, your cash will help benefit the local music scene and you get some really good advertising coverage from it.
We've stuck some more info up online about it now: and a page about sponsorship here:

-| Launched |-
Woo woo woo we have finally properly launched the Line Out shop with a new design. We are expecting a load of new stock in the next week or so from Wasp Factory and Cryonica including Goteki, Swarf, Inertia, Leechwoman and more.

Since we have no new stock this week I shall just have to remind you of existing stock:

Outlines v1.0 - The best genre-battering album ever made 26112004

Faetal - [sic] - A fantastic album made even better by the artwork (yeah, I did it)

Trauma Pet - Controlled Hysteria - Great promo from a great band and only 3 quid

Devilish Presley - Disgraceland - This rocks, end of story.

-| Outlines v1.0 STUFF |-
We now have press and DJ packs for Outlines, get in touch
if you would like a copy. We also have posters, flyers and web-banners if anyone is interested in helping us tell the world (we will love you forever!)

-| Gigs |-
What's coming up in the next few weeks, if you want your gig listed here go submit it @

Saturday 27th November - The Marquee, Norwich. 7.30pm - 5
- Killing Miranda
- RazorBladeKisses

Saturday 27th November - The Railway Inn, Winchester.
- Kelli of the Sneaker Pimps
- Swarf

Saturday 27th November - The Garage, London. 7pm, 5 with flyer 6 without
- Mr ZED
- Dead Heaven
- Badwater
- Sensyon
- Trauma Pet

Sunday 28th November - The Hexagon, Reading. 7.30pm, 18.50
- The Human League
- Trademark

Friday 3rd December - The Lord Nelson, London. 9pm, 4 before 10, 5 after
Dead and Buried club night

Saturday 4th December - The Green Room, Portman Hotel, Bournemouth. 7.30pm, Free - Screaming Banshee Aircrew
- Leisure::Hive
- RazorBladeKisses

Friday 10th December - The Leopard, Doncaster.
- Kid G

Saturday 11th December - The Vine, Leeds
- Kid G

Sunday 12th December - The Garage, London. 3pm, 10 advance, 12 door
- Leechwoman
- Inertia
- Manuskript
- The Ghost of Lemora
- Libitina
- Antivalium

Sunday 12th December - Latino's, Henley on Thames. 8pm, 2
The Kindred club night. DJ Nephilim plays a mix of rock, goth, punk, eighties and EBM

Sunday 12th December - The Snooty Fox, Wakefield.
- Kid G

Saturday 18th December - Around Town, Maidenhead. 8pm, Free
Just This Evening. Bands to be Confirmed

Wednesday 22nd December - The Rising Sun, Reading. 8pm, Free
Church of Madness, our favourite club. There *might* be a Line Out stall here
- The Sepia
- Faetal

Wednesday 22nd December - 21 South Street, Reading. 7.30pm, 5
- Aconite Thrill

Wednesday 29th December - Madame Jo Jo's, London. 9pm, 5 flyer, 6 without
- Cureheads
- Spares
- RazorBladeKisses

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