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Subject: A fishy Radio Station

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Mmmm.. weekly newsletter my arse! So I've been busy doing stuff. We have more new stock than you can shake a pointy shaky stick at (see below) and some new stuff of interest going on, plus the usual array of upcoming gigs.

Line Out Radio has been launched in an almost too subtle didn't really tell anyone about it type way. Anyway there's currently a weekly show on Friday afternoons which is archived on the site for the next week. We are planning some live radio events soon when we can find a venue to run them from. If you want us to play your stuff get in touch -

The mighty Trauma Pet have put a new track up on Mperia, it's great, we played it on the radio you can listen to and buy it here:

Where It's At are working on a new compilation of 1 minute tracks, John is looking for submissions from anyone capable of writing a one minute track. Contact him at
The first volume is still available here:

The new Reincarnationfish album is excellent, Nick has pretty much finished mixing it and it's going for mastering in the next few day. Get in touch for details on getting promo copies -

Download site. Finally coming up to date we will shortly be offering downloads for sale through OnLineOut. More details as and when.

-| |-

We have a stupid amount of new stock, get your wallets out before I drown in a big pile of rather nice CDs. Lots of new (and old) from Wasp Factory, the new limited Brother Orchid single and the latest issue of Bubblegum Slut. New stock from Cryonica expected soon.
Free random junk may well be thrown in with orders.

Bubblegum Slut Fanzine #18

Deathboy - Music to crash cars to - 8

Earth Loop Recall - Compulsion - 8

Working With Children and Animals - Volume 2 - 8

Goteki - O/S - 8

The Chaos Engine - More Songs About Sex & Angels - 6.00

Swarf - Fall (ep) - 6.00

Brother Orchid - Dead By The Sun (single) - 3.00

Various - Dark Salvation Volume 1 - 6.00

Want us to stock your stuff? Get in touch -

-| Gigs |-

Add your own at

Saturday 28th May 2005 - The Foundry, London. 07:00. Free.
- Normal/The Who Boys/The Whoevermen

Thursday 2nd June 2005 - Hobgoblin, maidenhead. 20:00. NADA.
The end of radio (DJ Night)

Thursday 9th June 2005 - Hobgoblin, maidenhead. 20:00. rien de tout.
The end of radio (DJ Night)

Thursday 16th June 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
- Trauma Pet

Thursday 21st July 2005 - The Kings Tavern, Reading. 20:00. Free.
- Interstellar Rhythm Machine

Wednesday 7th September 2005 - The Fez Club, Reading. 19:00. 15.00.
The Mission