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Well the Trauma Pet competition is now closed and the prizes have been sent out, we may well be running another one soon so keep an eye on the Line Out website (or just stay subscribed).

There's not a huge amount of news at the moment as we have started working on the next project but here's some bits:

- CLIC Sargent - We've (finally) donated the cash raised through the Out Of Madness project to CLIC Sargent, although our project is now over they are a very worthwhile charity and you can still go make donations on their website -
- You can currently download a remix of the Trauma Pet track 'The Darkness Inside' remixed by XP8 from
- The Trauma Pet album 'You cannot feel this' is now spreading out across the world so if you've not got a copy yet go get one so we can start on the next one ;0) alternatively you can buy direct from us for preview clips and to get your copy.

+ Reincarnationfish Remix +

We have a couple of Reincarnationfish remix packs, if you fancy having a go at remixing the tracks please get in touch, no previous experience required anyone is welcome to give it a go, our favourite versions may make it onto the special edition of the album and we will try to play as many on Line Out Radio as we can.
Email if you are interested.

+ Bob Plays Tunes # 2 +

The second episode of Bob Plays Tunes, wherin I play music I think is good and talk a little bit about music I think is good is now online. It's an shoutcast radio stream.

Click here to listen:
Playlist is here:
More information:

This episode includes tracks by:
Trauma pet, The Torpedoes, Leisur Hive, 100 Bullets Back, Colt, Rabbit Junk, History of Guns, Faetal/I am immune, Left Hand Band, Normal/McGovern, Freudstein, The Silence Kit, Mclusky, Since I Was A Little Girl, Devilish Presley, Brother Orchid, Scarlet Soho, The Scheme, Reincarnationfish, O.V.N.I., Shinji Yamashita, 3 Loose Moose, Schadenfreude, Goteki, Fat Habit

Next episode will be online in the next fortnight.

+ Other People's News +
Because sometimes we don't have enough of our own.

Katscan have re-released their original 7 track EP as an mp3 download and also dropped the prices to stupidly cheap in their online shop -

MOMT have just released a rather fine Audio War album - Under Enemy Control. It's a remix album and it's GREAT.

Rabbit Junk's new album 'REframe' surpasses the greatness that was their debut -

+ Gigs +

Wednesday 7th June 2006 - Phatz bar, Maidenhead. 20:30. 3.
- Monkey Suit

Thursday 8th June 2006 - The Railway Inn, Winchester. ?.
- Pink Grease
- Scarlet Soho

Saturday 24th June 2006 - Bang Bar, Basingstoke. 21:00. 5.
Dr Fells (club night)

Saturday 29th July 2006 - The 12 Bar Club, London. 20:00. 6 or 5 with flyer..
- London Callin'
- Devilish Presley

Saturday 12th August 2006 - Hobbit's, Weston-Super-Mare. 19:00. 5.
- Deathboy
- Caffeine Kill
- Deviant UK
- Systemyk

Sunday 20th August 2006 - Talking Heads, Southampton . 15:00. 12.00 (11.00 in advance) .
Symphony in Black #1