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--DeathBoy - End of an Error; Pre-orders--
The terrifyingly good DeathBoy album is nearly here, for those that just can't wait you can now pre-order your copy at onlineout:
You can also order the album with a Black Celebration ticket for a tiny 18, that's a saving of 5 with which you can buy beer and shout at the band:
Or if you just want a Black Celebration ticket we can do that too:
Not convinced? Go to for preview and more information.

--New Trauma Pet tracks--
There's 2 excellent new Trauma Pet tracks on their myspace page, give 'em a listen, it will make your day:

--Futurepunk23 - 23 November 2006--
This will be the gig of the year. Featuring DeathBoy, History of Guns, Snuff Radio, Action Directe and Xykogen. At the Purple Turtle, Camden. More information:


Action Directe New Album
It's been a while but Action Directe have finally released their new album 'Intervention' for some angry politics and crunchy sounds go to

Devilish Presley on iTunes
The rather rocking Memphisto is now available on iTunes, follow this rather unwieldy link...

Visit for loads of other mags, CDs and downloads

DeathBoy - End Of An Error 10.00
The most gorgeous futurepunk album in the world ever

Fat Habit - Ridge Sessions 7.00
Melodic Drum 'n' Bass wonderment

Devilish Presley - Memphisto 10.00
The very best of DeathRock UK return

Freudstein - Mass Market Misery 9.00
Second album from industrial horror band Freudstein

Uninvited Guest - Faith In Oblivion 9.00
Debut album from this exciting new goth/industrial band

Ivy's Itch - Roses 4.00
Debut single from Ivy's Itch

Add your own here:

Sunday 5th November 2006 - Islington Academy, Islington. 14:00. 13.
Black Celebration VIII

Thursday 16th November 2006 - The Fez Club, Reading.

Thursday 23rd November 2006 - Purple Turtle, Camden. 20:00. 5.

Saturday 25th November 2006 - The Rising Sun, Reading. 21:00. FREE.
Devilish Presley

Tuesday 28th November 2006 - Aylesbury Civic Centre, Aylesbury. 08:00.
The Wonderstuff + Support TBA

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